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January 14, 2018, 02:21:49 AM by Glitch
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Posters appeared late in the night. They were upon walls, upon the streets, on benches and on street posts. If any person stood still long enough and was unaware, a poster would have been attached to their backs, even!

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Though the hour was late, some were out and about. Talk of a man with many tails spread in connection with the posters.
December 30, 2017, 01:39:08 PM by Silvertongue | Views: 144 | Comments: 1

With the departure of the owner, the shop once known as Technica Officina has seen an influx of visits from carpenters, masons and other laborers, who are making a copious amount of noise as they seem to rip up everything except the floorboards. If asked, they'll say they're doing reconstruction, which is obvious, but they don't specify as to the nature of their project.

As of today (12/30/2017), a poster has been plastered over the door, reading:

December 30, 2017, 01:02:19 PM by Silvertongue | Views: 83 | Comments: 0

The beggars of the city have become more active as of late, though they're not heading off passersby to ask for spare coin. No, driven with purpose, they're living, breathing flyers, seeking out the rough bruisers and sly pickpockets of Eileadora to whisper to them a simple, tantalizing invitation:

If you wish to make use of those skills of yours, you should seek out the man with the silver tongue.

At this point, they'll smile dirty, crooked smi...
December 29, 2017, 06:28:15 PM by Silvertongue | Views: 82 | Comments: 0

In the wee hours of the morning (12/26/2017), while most of Eileadora still sleeps and others still are just starting to crawl from their beds, a strange ship will pull itself into the docks: a darkly colored junk with maroon sails and an imposing figurehead depicting the serpentine body and toothy maw of some menacing sea monster.

As soon as it makes port, it will be hastily checked ...
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October 23, 2017, 08:48:52 PM by Eliel
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The Aether
Everything is comprised of energy. This energy can be referred to as aether. The aether is comprised of the four prime elements: earth, fire, air and water. The manipulation of the aether has several disciplines, methodologies and faiths, but for the purpose of this document, we will refer to all as 'magic'. All magic is in some way derived from the aether, be it using a trait of the aether itself or using one of the elements that comprise aether, such as fire.

The Balance
As above; so below. As within; so without. What you put in, you'll reap. What you take away; you'll pay. The aether maintains a balance always.  All magic has a cost, whether you're pulling directly from the aether or from a personal stash (or equivalent). The cost, or effect, is equivalent to the power of the spell or action used. Example: Life for life. Giving or returning life requires life paid. Be it of another being, or surrounding natural life, as well as the toll on the caster(s) themselves. The 'toll' can be distributed between several practitioners to reduce the individual cost but the cost remains. Some may find ways to cheat the balance, temporarily, but the aether will always collect and restore the natural balance of all.

The Pendulum
The pendulum swing manifests in everything. All things rise and fall, ebb and flow. To everything there is a tide or season. The only factor is time. Manipulation of the aether may take an investment of time but the pendulum swing will bring an equal reaction, either over an equal amount of time, our compounded into one larger effect. In relation to what else is happening in each round, the invested energy and focus on your magic should have an equal reaction.

The Faith
When a great many people believe in something, they give it power. Though Etla is essentially 'cut off' from the deities of other lands, the aether connects all. Those with faith may manipulate the aether much like a caster, but the Balance and the Pendulum are still in effect. Their faith must be unwavering, putting in as much as they expect to get out.

The Rift
The Rift works as a sort of bubble around the island and has an effect on magics as well. Anything that exists within the bubble (fire, earth, light, shadow, time, gravity, life/death to name a few) can exist and be manipulated at 'full-strength'. Things that originate outside the bubble (faith-based lore, time-specific lore, area-specific lore and the like), their existence and manipulation within the rift are diluted. The exact effects or handicaps are up to individual players but there should be a 'hit'.

The Structure
We recommend a 5 tier casting system, halving the old system. We leave the finer details to the flow of the individual RP but the tiered system is as follows. The examples given are for determining scale.
   Tier I (Hurt): Cantrips and minor spells. A small investment of energy for a small reward. Ex: Enough energy to cause or repair intense bruising, or summon a small creature or item.
   Tier II (Wound): Minor to moderate spells. A mediocre investment of energy. Ex: Enough to cause or repair bleeding, or summon a moderately sized creature or item.
   Tier III (Kill): Mid to large spells. A decent amount of investment for decent reward. Ex: Enough to cause or repair major organ damage, or summon a decent sized or more powerful creature or item. (humanoid/natural transformation and self-teleportation included at this level)
   Tier IV (More Kill): Major spell. Major investment for major reward. Ex: Grenade level blast damage. Healing extensive wounds. Summoning larger/more powerful beings and items. (minor mythical creature transformation and teleportation of self +2)
   Tier V (Over Kill): Massive spells. Massive investment with massive cost for massive reward. Ex: Michael Bay level blast damage. Healing massive wounds (think saving from the brink of death). Summoning large supernatural creatures. (major mythical creature transformation, group teleportation and reanimating the dead)
   Ritual: Anything beyond the scope of this tiered system requires a ritual with multiple casters. Includes: Resurrection, creating life, summoning greater/named spirits (only 15% chance of controlling the spirit)
April 09, 2015, 10:34:44 PM by Eliel
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1.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  I expect everyone here to be able to play nicely with others. Even if you have some bad history, find a way to play around each other, or simply ignore each other completely. Unnecessary drama is something I have little patience for.  Being rude or nasty to other players is a surefire way to get yourself banned. This is an OOC/player rule you must follow to be able to continue playing here. Characters can be assholes to each other all they want, so long as it's not an OOC dislike bleeding into IC conversation. Seriously. Be cool. Remember this is just a game and we're all here to have fun. No drama. No harassment. No name calling. I realize we all lose our cool from time to time, but if it becomes a habit, you're done here.

2.  OOC & IC Age Requirements.  This dream has a 16+ rating. (Furcadia's rating standards can be found here). I would hope anyone entering into any adult type RPs are of legal age and/or have parental consent. If I find out otherwise, it could end badly for one or more parties involved (as this is a Furc rule and can get you banned from the game). As for character age, this is a medieval setting so characters of a younger age* could likely end up in a violent or sexual situation. If an RP becomes too uncomfortable for you as the player, feel free to end it, remove yourself from it or report it to staff if needed.
* We do not condone the idea of pedophilia. If you are reported for propositioning or for engaging in an RP of adult and child sex, you will be banned from the dream for violation of Furcadia's TOS. Depending on the logs we receive, it is up to admin's discretion as to whether or not you are reported to Guardians.

3.  Membership.  You must be an approved member of the continuity to be fully recognized by continuity RP.  Non-members will most likely not be allowed to affect large plots and members can choose to ignore you during their personal RPs if they feel it may hinder the story later on.  This is set up this way to allow for a more seamless flow through major plots and storylines, without having to edit RPs because a random character is missing.

4.  Alternate Characters.  You may play up to 4 characters at any given time in Eileadora.  I prefer that only one 'main' character have property (house, shop), but that all depends on how much available space there is.  It is also acceptable to have an OOC character in addition to your IC characters, so long as it remains in the OOC area of the dream. It may be easier for people to communicate with an OOC alt rather than individual characters.

5. OOC/Idle/AFK.  Please try to remain IC whenever in public areas of the map. Keep OOC chat in [brackets] or in whispers/group chat, or move to the OOC area.  If you idle in a public area, you may find yourself moved to the OOC room by staff (likely only if you get in the way of RP).  Please remember that OOC rules (especially #1) still apply to the OOC room! The OOC room is not typically policed and some strange conversations can break out late evening/early morning. Let's all just remember to be adults. The OOC room should be large enough to avoid conversations you don't want to see.

6.  Consent, Character Death & Resurrection.  Etla has always been fairly open in the past when it comes to allowing players to play in whatever style is most comfortable to them. If you choose to play by consent, that is fine, however, please understand the continuity as a whole is generally strict and works on IC actions = IC consequences. That said, if your character dies it must be out of play for a minimum of a month (4 weeks) real-time. Self-resurrection is not supported, there must be at least one other person involved (not an alt) and the resurrection must be acted out in character.

7.  Character Rip-Offs.  Don't do it. Have some originality. If you happen to use a name of a character you liked from a book or a movie, or model your character off of that character, that's somewhat understandable, but we will not allow or recognize a completely ripped off character in this continuity.

8.  Technology/Advancements.  Any new species, technological advancement, building ideas, etc. should be presented and approved by staff.  ICly, any technology beyond our current understanding is made null by a device that resides in the castle (it simply ceases to work until brought back outside the limits of the device). I and the admin team are always open to discussion on things that might make for good plot, so feel free to PM or whisper us with your ideas.  Most of the rich history of Etla and Eileadora is all player created. I encourage all members to add to the story.

9.  NPCs.  Since we couldn't possibly have enough of a player base to cover all expected jobs and classes that would exist in a city the size of Eileadora, obviously a few NPCs will exist, and thus are expected to be recognized. NPC citizens, guards, fishermen, dockhands, etc. These are typically only controlled by seasoned members of the community or by staff for large-scale plots but can otherwise be 'used' for smaller scale RPs such as aiding in the spread of city rumors, tending bar, or managing a shop not run by a PC.

10. Discord and other exterior RPs. Since Etla is a continuity, timelines are important. Roleplays should take place in-game to keep with the current timeline whenever possible. Due to the varying locales and schedules of players, we do allow for larger group RPs to happen in Discord, RPR, Skype, etc but the timelines must be well established. Posting must take place within a 24 hour period (no forgetting it's your turn for a week) to keep things moving. If you are in an external RP that is set for a specific range of time, then your character cannot participate in other plots that would be happening at the same time.

11.  Common Sense.  If you think you're doing something that could get you banned from the dream.. you're probably right.  Seems to me, most of you are (or at least should be) mature and intelligent individuals, so please just utilize a little common sense and we should all be fine.

IC=IC.  OOC=OOC.  This isn't a rule, because it shouldn't have to be but I'm writing it down just so it's been said. OOC knowledge cannot be used ICly. If you're unsure if your character would have access to certain knowledge, simply ask the others involved. Assumptions are bad and cause problems between players and in RP. Let's try our best to keep things drama-free. This tends to be one of the biggest complaints!! Please, just communicate with each other and involve staff whenever necessary. We're here to help.

ICA=ICC Expect that whatever is said or done in the dream can have consequences, either to your character or to the dream itself. The dream is constantly evolving based off the RPs that happen here. This is meant to be immersive. An idle interaction with someone on the street might influence the roles you both play in a later story. We try to avoid take-backsies however:

We understand that some people play by consent rules and some do not, that sometimes there are 'too many cooks', and that sometimes there are circumstances where a storyline just gets messy. If a plot gets to an unfair/unorganized point, admins can step in to help make adjustments. We want everyone to enjoy their experience here.

I also ask that plot ideas that will majorly alter the dream be run by me beforehand so I can plan accordingly for dream edits.

* Support the Dream!