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Character Sheets / Re: Aindreas
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:21:01 PM »
Added a spell list, with prep information, what forms the spells can be used in, and if it is a combat orientated spell or not.

Awaiting further review.

Thank you,

Character Sheets / Re: Aindreas
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:22:39 PM »
Changes have been made, awaiting further review.

Thank you.

Character Sheets / Re: Aindreas
« on: December 03, 2017, 09:51:10 PM »
The breath weapon is less a spell, and more of a natural ability. He possesses the ability to produce an acidic liquid that he projects in a line of regurgitated acid if you will. This ability would be limited by needing time to "prep" the attack, or in this case to ready the acid from the glands that produce it. For example. [1/1] Would be him spitting a small line of acid in someone's face, enough to be more of an irritant, where something like [10/10] Would be equal to an entire house being puked on, and most likely a hacking and dry heaving drake.

As for the stats, if need be I can dull them down, am I to do that in the actual application, or create a reply with revised stats and Stats for Feral form?

Thank you.

Character Sheets / Aindreas
« on: December 02, 2017, 11:48:07 PM »
Have you previously submitted an application/character sheet which has been approved? No
Tell us a bit about your RP experience to date: I have been rping off and on for 19 years, I have been rping on Furcadia for a good deal of them. I have done everything from chatsite, forum, tabletop, and of course Furc like rping. Ranging from semi to multipara.
Why are you interested in joining the dream? I am interested in joining the dream, as a friend of mine rp's here often, and has asked me to join to rp with them and the community! Plus, I've been looking for a place to hang the proverbial hat.

Basics / Biography Data
Furcadia Name: Aindreas
Character Name (if different): "Jaci Svaust Levnimic Wer Treskri Vur Vaeriri Persvek Wer Bekilip" Draconic Truename "He Who Harms The World And Dances In The Destruction"
Alias(es): Bekilip
Species: Dragon
Subspecies/Race: Chromatic Black
Age: Ancient
Apparent Age: 25 In human form
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Muscular yet streamlined
Fur/Skin Color: Tanned Skin
Hair Color/Style: Black
Eye Color: Jade
Markings/Scars: A myriad of scars, and black scales running from wrist to elbow, and down his shins
Appendages: Black, draconic wings in human form. That and horns, ridges and such in dragon form
Handedness: Right
Primary Class: Warrior
Secondary Class (optional): Magic-Arcane/Mage
Profession: Destroyer, Collector of magical items, and artifacts
Appearance (Furcadia Description): Visage of desolation contained in a man's sun kissed flesh, and a piercing jade gaze alight with chaotic intent. unnerving, cold facial features curtained by long flowing locks of ebony. Tell Tale signs of body carving a violent past in tales across whatever skin was visible. The air about him could cause unease, and give an astute observer the notion that all was not as it seemed. There was something menacing, and ancient just beneath the surface, peering out with eyes that could not belong to a mortal, elongated ears would give one the assumption of elven heritage, but that didn't seem quite right. His heart was too black, and there were the scales that spanned from elbow to wrist, and upon his shins. Attire seemed simple, black over coat shrouding a simple black shirt. Black leather pants spanning down and covering the tops of hard leather boots.

Demeanor: Condescending, Prideful, Sophisticated,Conflict Seeking, Possessive, Obsessive,
Likes: Conquest, Power, Dark Forests, Elven and blood wines, meat, Dragons/DragonKin, Magical Artifacts
Dislikes: Mortals, Weakness, Cowards, Thieves, Divine Light, Ruffage, Exalted Beings, disrespect
Phobias (if any): To be controlled
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)
Description: The most dangerous characters of all, they will rove around killing and destroying for the sheer joy of it. Example: orcs .
Cribnote: Evil plan? I have an axe... is that a plan?

Human Form:
Strength (STR): 12
Dexterity (DEX): 12
Constitution (CON): 12
Intelligence (INT): 12
Wisdom (WIS): 10
Charisma (CHA): 10
Overall Evaluation: (68) Strong

Dragon Form:
Strength (STR): 17
Dexterity (DEX): 9
Constitution (CON): 16
Intelligence (INT): 12
Wisdom (WIS): 10
Charisma (CHA): 5
Overall Evaluation: (69) Strong

(Strengths / Resistances) / Weaknesses
Strengths / Resistances
  • Strength / Resistance: Immunity to Acid
    Description: A racial resistance. Given the fact that he is able to produce Acid as a breath weapon, his body has become immune to such substances
  • Strength / Resistance: Resistance to Vile aligned spells/energies/and artifacts
    Description: Given he is inherently evil, such spells,energies, artifacts, and weapons would have a lowered effect against him
  • Strength / Resistance: Deathless
    Description: Dragons do not tend to die from old age, though not immortal, he will not die from old age
  • Strength / Resistance: Dragon Form
    Description: Given Aindreas' enhanced age, his true has grown quite large. This in itself would be a strength, though he'd likely keep himself in human form for the most part.
  • Weakness: Exalted Energy, Magic, Artifact, Weapon, etc
    Description: Given Aindreas' vile nature he is more susceptible to holy/exalted aligned energies, spells, weapons, artifacts, etc
  • Weakness: Dragon Bane
    Description: Any weapon, artifact, spell, or enchantment meant to harm a dragon would certainly work upon him in either form, as he is a dragon. Examples being Dragon Lances, A Black Dragon Orb, etc.
  • Weakness: True Name
    Description: If one were to possess his true name, and knew how to invoke it, they could command Aindreas to do their bidding. Though it does harbor some ill effects, no matter the reason a dragon controlled in this nature will utterly despise the individual for invoking such power against them, and dragons have been known to have the ability to change their true names over time. So continued use, could at some point back fire upon the user.

  • Weapon: Longsword
    Description: Nothing ornate, simple and balanced.
  • Weapon: Collapsible Pike
    Description: An enchanted pike, though it doesn't offer much benefit other than it makes the polearm easy to conceal, carry, and extend when needed.
  • Armor: Scales in Dragon Form
    Description: In Dragon Form his scales would offer good protection
  • Armor: Plate Mail in Human Form
    Description: Though this would be for an expected battle, and given that he has only come stalking after a person from his past, he likely wouldn't bring his armor.
Trinkets / Items (owned or worn):
  • Item: Totem of returning
    Description: A small wooden totem that resembles a crumbling tower. It is an item that allows him to return to his sanctum.
  • Item: Pocket Sized Spell Book
    Description: Another item enchanted to make it easier to carry, it holds a vast amount of spells, yet takes up little space.

Natural Abilities
  • Ability: Breath Weapon
    Description: A black dragon has one type of breath weapon, a line of acid. This acid is quite corrosive and can deteriorate armor over time, and is highly corrosive to biological material. This ability requires the use of a prep system to determine the amount of acid produced when used. ([2/2] minimum) Usuable only in dragon form.
  • Ability: Water Breathing
    Description: A black dragon can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged.
  • Ability: Corrupt Water
    Description: Once per day an adult or older black dragon can stagnate 10 cubic feet of water, making it become still, foul, and unable to support animal life. The ability spoils liquids containing water. Magic items (such as potions) and items in a creature’s possession ([2/2] minimum increased preps would increase the potency of this ability with the maximum being 10 cubic feet at [5/5]) Usuable in both forms
Learned Abilities:
  • Ability: Combat
    Description: Aindreas is a seasoned combatant who usually goes into battle with a longsword, or a polearm when in Human Form. Combat in Dragon form would persist of claw, bite, and tail strikes, as well as breath weapon.
  • Ability: Practitioner of the Arcane
    Description: Aindreas is an avvid user of magic, though he rarely uses it in battle. Mostly choosing to augment his own power when possible, but has been known to toss a fireball or two.

RPR Profile (or other website) URL (optional):
Other pertinent info:

Spell List

A list that consists of spells that Aindreas favors and uses more than others. Given his disposition to destruction, most spells will be of the destruction school of spells, except for a few generalized spells.

Your general run of the mill fireball. Magic is gathered into the palm until a flaming sphere of energy is created. When thrown this ball of magical fire will fly through the air, and on impact with a target it will explode with an intense concussive force. (This is a spell that requires preps [1/1] Nothing more than a deterrent a slight singe to clothing, perhaps enough to cause a distraction. Up to [5/5] Big Bada Boom.) This spell can only be used in human form. Combat Orientated

The Target is filled with negative energy causing necrosis in the flesh and organs. This spell is designed to cause massive damage to the body, and possibly kill the target if medical attention is not sought immediately. This spell would have the reverse effect on undead denizens, and limited effects on denizens who are undead-like For this spell to work, the target must be touched after the prep period.([3/3] prep)This Spell can only be used in Human Form Combat Orientated Side Note:* This spell though has the capability of death, such effects would have to be agreed upon Out Of Character.

Shocking Grasp:
Electrical energy courses through the caster's being, and upon touching the target releases that energy into their body doing moderate damage, and stunning them. ([2/2] Prep)Can only be used in Human Form Combat Orientated

A concentrated sonic vibration is used to damage or destroy objects, or crystalline structures. This spell can only target one object at a time. ([1/1] to [5/5] prep. Depending on the item to be destroyed. Where a [1/1] post would be able to shatter a glass window, or something similar, and [5/5] Could shatter gems, and other crystal like structures.) Can only be used in Human Form Combat, and Non-Combat Orientated

Lightning Bolt:
Caster charges his form with electrical energies and releases it all at once creating a bolt of lightning aimed at a target. It will arch out from that target to other targets that are close to the initial target the power of the bolt diminishing every time it archs to a new target.([3/3]-[5/5] Prep. Each target afterwards would be hit by a weakened bolt. If using the minimum, first target would be hit with a  [2/2] bolt. and the third with a [1/1] No matter the charge, the bolt will only arch a maximum of 3 times.)Can only be used in Human Form Combat Orientated

Detect Magic:
This spell allows the caster to see what items, areas, or individuals who are enchanted. It offers no other information other than if it is enchanted, or not. ([2/2] prep)Both Forms Can use Non-Combat

This spell works hand in hand with detect magic. Once an enchantment is known to exist, this spell will identify it's purpose and attributes. If casted on a non enchanted item the spell is wasted.([2/2] prep) Can be used in Both Forms Non-Combat

Allows the caster to spy on another from a distance. To use this spell, one most know of the individual to be scried, and have access to an item that is tied to them in some way. ([3/3] Prep) Can be used by Both Forms Non-Combat

Aindreas' Ward:
When this spell is cast on a door, the door is magically locked, and anyone trying to pry, or pick the lock are subject to the "Harm" Spell (See above for description)([4/4) prep the spell lasts until the door is opened or it is dispelled.) Can be used by Both Forms Non Combat, but does cause damage

Dispel Magic:
With this spell, a caster will attempt to nullify the effects, or properties of another magical item. This spell would take concentration, and study of the spell making it unusuable during combat. (Prep would have to match the potency of the spell that the caster is attempting to dispel.) Can be used by Both Forms Non-Combat

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