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Character Sheets / Mortimer Keelstroke
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:20:10 PM »
Have you previously submitted an application/character sheet which has been approved? No
Tell us a bit about your RP experience to date: x_x Reposting / Applying Mortimer since I accidentally mucked it up. Sorry!
Ooph, I have no idea? I've been on Furc since... about 14 years now? I played heavily in feral for awhile, and moved into fantasy RP as I started playing D&D around the same time. Been playing Table-tops for about 14 years as well.
Why are you interested in joining the dream? Althalos Winterblade talked your dream up. It's still around after all these years. You guys don't come across as snoodie like some of the long-lived Dreams do, and I like the setting. You're also very active as a community aaaaand it's gorgeous.

Basics / Biography Data
Furcadia Name: Mortimer Keelstroke
Character Name (if different):
Species: Human
Subspecies/Race: Northern Barbarian Tribe
Age: 33
Apparent Age: 30ish
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 242
Build: Muscular, Wide, Athletic
Fur/Skin Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color/Style: Chestnut Brown, Mohawk
Eye Color: Clover Green
Markings/Scars: Tribal tattooing on scalp, flanking Mohawk, seem to be metallic. Countless scars, faded to silver and fresher pink on his forearms.
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Primary Class: Other: Berserker / Mercenary
Secondary Class (optional): Other: Shaman
Profession: Lumberjack / Farmer / Huntsman / Mercenary / Guard / Shaman
Appearance (Furcadia Description): Cursory glances would afford the view of a rustic farmer, tall and wide with prominent muscles. Travel-worn cloak draped back despite the weather, displayed skin of darker tone than the mahogany-hued tunic; contrasted clover eyes. Crest of sun-lightened brunette stands stiff, flanked by scrawling tattoos across the scalp that vanished towards the rear. Clad in utilitarian cotton and leathers that showed frequent mending. With attentiveness; one would notice an array of sheathes concealed about his person. Two curved hatchets rest crossed at the small of his back, showing no signs of neglect. The scent of one who wore armor regularly lingered more faintly, slowly replaced with the scent of the deep forests. Some farmer indeed.

Demeanor: Stoic
Likes: Woods, blood, fighting, helping those who can't, Althalos Winterblade
Dislikes: Any/All Undead, Magic, General distrust of Magic Users
Phobias (if any):
Alignment: Neutral Good (Benefactor)
Description: They believe that a balance somewhere between total order and total chaos is best, and would generally concentrate on doing the morally right thing without worrying about whether it was good or bad for 'society'. Example: Mother Theresa .
Cribnote: The rule book's stupid, but no reason to go overboard.

Strength (STR): High
Dexterity (DEX): Medium-High
Constitution (CON): High
Intelligence (INT): Low
Wisdom (WIS): Medium-Low
Charisma (CHA): Medium-Low
Overall Evaluation: (66) Strong

(Strengths / Resistances) / Weaknesses
Strengths / Resistances
  • Strength / Resistance: Bloodrage
    Description: This blessing is rather double-edged as it will trigger during states of great emotional duress, lessening his physical awareness and limitations. Typically a blood rage only ceases when the amount of wounds have greatly exceeded the body and wills capacity to maintain stability. The closest explanation to this is that of the Bear, though dealt a mortal blow they continue to move much farther after they should have died.
  • Strength / Resistance: Blood Cursed
    Description: The majority of magics have adverse effects when concerning Mortimer. Beneficial spellcraft can range from minor discomfort to full on seizures depending on the magnitude of the spell, the flip-side of this being that Harmful spellcraft reacts poorly as well. A Fireball may end in the removal of hair, clothing, weapons, but leave the man unharmed or cause vicious blistering. It's not something he's tested but through trial and error one things remain true: Magic hasn't killed him.
  • Strength / Resistance: Cold resistant
    Description: Born and bred into a harsh climate it takes quite a lot of chill weather or magic to dampen the soul of this warrior.
  • Weakness: Blood Cursed & Blood Rage
    Description: Downsides to the curse are discussed above. For the rage being a downside, it's typically a directed rage but can be brought to a boil and in the wrong setting could endanger everyone.
  • Weakness: Undead
    Description: Mention of or sight of undead can be enough to throw his damaged soul into a near thoughtless rage. If they are known to him, he'll be compelled to action of some form. Typically unless you're a moldering heap of rot that talks, he'll assume you're living.

  • Weapon: Half-crescent bearded hatchets (x2) (Always worn)
    Description: Appearing to be nothing more than rustic weapons, well cared for and well used. Carried in a custom leather holder, resting crossed with blades down by the small of his back.
  • Weapon: Antler-handled stiletto
    Description: Simple horn cased iron stiletto.
  • Weapon: Balanced throwing knives ( 8 )
    Description: Utilitarian in appearance, well cared for and rather keen. Located in sheathes about his person, a handful in a bandoleer in plain sight.
  • Weapon: Short Bow & Quiver (20)
    Description: Common Short bow made of wood and horn, etched with runes of not particular meaning but clearly hand-crafted. Might double as a small fishing rod under the right conditions. Arrows are wood and stone, appearing to be hand crafted as well due to the multi-hued flights.
  • Weapon: Cold-Iron Knuckles
    Description: Series of interconnected rings worn on the hand, heavy side up; dented and chipped from years of use, could probably use the ministrations of a skilled smith.
  • Weapon: Knife w/ hook and serrated back edge
    Description: The leather-wrapped handle appears more red than brown, years of use in the bloodiest of works has stained the hands of its own along with the leather that keeps it from slipping. Blade length of eight inches, appears to be a survival knife used for butchering and skinning.
  • Armor: Creoso Keep Guard's Uniform (Not worn, Owned)
    Description: Padding, leathers, and chainmail accompanied by a tabard.
    The equipment gleams as if it had never been worn a day, meticulously repaired and oiled regularly by one skilled in the maintenance of martial equipment. Tabard is white, trimmed in blue with a peacock over the heart.
Trinkets / Items (owned or worn):
  • Item: None of Note

Natural Abilities
  • Ability: Bloodrage
    Description: Covered above.
  • Ability: Blood Cursed
    Description: Covered above.
Learned Abilities:
  • Ability: Axe Combat
    Description: There's always an axe handy when you need one. Small, large, medium, they all work about the same and with enough force can be deadly to near anything. Living or dead.
  • Ability: Battlefield Medicine
    Description: He's had his share of cuts and knows how to patch them up with everyday items.
  • Ability: Hunting
    Description: Raised a hunter, the man can accomplish all the required tasks of stalking his prey. Be that man or beast.
  • Ability: Torture
    Description: The art of getting the information you need from the people who don't wish to share it. Doesn't share knowledge of this particular skill set with others, unless.. well, ya know.
  • Ability: "Witchery" / Woodsman
    Description: Mortimer spent some time as a local woodsman and ended up being labeled a Witch-doctor, he'd set markers in the trees to warn where the dangerous animals dwelt and where it was safe. The locals took it as witchery, so he used his knowledge of the woods and herbs to sell them poultices and other 'magical healing salves' that were just simple knowledge.

RPR Profile (or other website) URL (optional):
Other pertinent info:
Pet wolf, probably worth noting.
Character in flux and evolution currently.
*Note on undead: Action is a wide term, responses will vary depending on situation and Character Knowledge.
*Note on Magic/Users: He won't spit at a mage or disrespect them, rather he has little to no understanding of magic so is naturally wary. Would you blatantly trust a being able to summon lightning with a gesture? As for inanimate magic, he won't try to break it or understand it, might comment on it if something catches his attention; but that's about it.

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