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Character Sheets / Val (Valerie Anne Theoric-Delacour)
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:35:25 PM »
A little about my previous experience:

Why I'd like to join: I've been a member of the Eileadora community off & on, and I'm hoping to return to it on a more regular basis. This character of mine has fluctuated about but hasn't been fully enveloped into the community yet as a recognised character.

Furcadia Name: Val
Character Name: Valerie Anne Delacour-Theoric
Aliases: Val, Valerie.
Species: Domestic feline - Chartreux
Subspecies/Race/Class: Unknown to herself or others - Celestial being (lowest rank angel.)
Age: 27
Gender: Female, cisgendered.
Height: 5'6"
Fur/Skin Color: Grey fur
Hair Color/Style: Lilac ringlet curls
Eye Color: Golden-honey
Markings/Scars: Hands are heavily scarred, wears gloves always to hide this.
Appendages: Wat?

Demeanor: Warm, inviting. Incredibly kind - saint-like. Almost 'cringey' religious.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Chaotic tendencies. - In her mind, whatever is 'God's Will' makes her unpredictable at times.)
Profession: House Theoric Matriarch. Director of a Medical Board in a place very far North that no-one has heard of.
Resistances: Woman is a social butterfly and natural politician. Good luck lying to her without being caught! Due to her species that she is unaware of, she has two lives. The first is still in use. The second would be much more difficult to kill if revealed; anti-celestial requirements.
Weaknesses: Innocence. - Val will not harm an innocent, such as a child, infant, etc. An innocent being used against her will easily have her surrender in place of such creatures. If ordered to harm an innocent herself, or die, it would be incredibly difficult for her to do so without crying/shaking.
Phobias: Her God.

Strength (STR): Low
Dexterity (DEX): Low
Constitution (CON): High
Intelligence (INT): High
Wisdom (WIS): Medium
Charisma (CHA): High

- Sharp wit? - Valerie has no weapons.

- Nope.
- Flailing one's arms in a fight.

- High intelligence - has done research upon research like it's her life's existence. Education is her life's blood. Well-versed in a variety of subjects such as math, science, geography, English, etc. She'd make a fabulous teacher or mentor. In her mind, learning is never complete. It simply adapts and grows.
- Political - Valerie is a strong political person to have on one's team. Very influential, very persuasive, knows all the 'right things to say' with the most charming smile, you'd never doubt her intentions!
- Etiquette - As if she should be the Queen of modern England herself! Perfect posture, proper manners and of the like.
Beauty and charisma combined into a delicate and refined portrait; a Chartreux with features so stunning that even looking at her brought the admirable swell of some or the scorch of jealousy from many. An undeniable beacon of light among the sinister plagues of the world, a songbird among flock. Refined, the woman's comforting golden eyes and naturally full lips were framed by lavender ringlet curls arranged to frame her countenance. Perfectly fitted dress resembled that of her pedigree, couture of pristine elegance made-up of lace and silk. Never without gloves to grace her hands out of modesty. A recent addition gleamed upon her left hand's ring finger; a brilliant diamond ring marking her as the Matriarch of House Theoric.

Any other pertinent info:

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