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Character Sheets / Felicienne Vdo
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:16:11 AM »
Have you previously submitted an application/character sheet which has been approved? No
Tell us a bit about your RP experience to date: Pretty much started off roleplaying on a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy server and that's where I've been since 2009. That community's mostly about roleplaying people with an emphasis on factions and politics. I used to do really, really bad RP on Furcadia before 2009, but I wasn't even a teenager back then, so yeah.
Why are you interested in joining the dream? I heard a rumor that there might be good RP here. I'm interested in something that isn't Star Wars or getting orbitally-bombarded for not praising the Galactic Emperor.

Basics / Biography Data
Furcadia Name: Felicienne Vdo
Character Name (if different): Felicienne Vdo
Alias(es): Vi
Species: Furre
Subspecies/Race: Feline
Age: 22
Apparent Age: 20s
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 152 lbs
Build: Slim
Fur/Skin Color: Tawny
Hair Color/Style: Naturally Mahogany, dyed purple, single long plait
Eye Color: Orange-gold
Markings/Scars: Gray stripes around eyes and over arms
Appendages: ...The usual appendages you'd expect on a woman.
Handedness: Right
Primary Class: Merchant
Secondary Class (optional): Rogue
Profession: Art Collector, Librarian
Appearance (Furcadia Description): Felicienne Vdo was a girl from another city, somewhere metropolitan and rich. Vdo may have inherited some of the nature of her folk, but she was not at all rich. What can be said about appearances? Tall, skinny, petite and possessing of a striking and vigorous sort of handsomeness that few others could match. She kept tight control over her emotions, or at least how she expressed them, and was reserved until the moment it was necessary to not be. She might have made a good mercenary captain, but we all know how her story turned out now, don't we? Now she collects things - art, information... and people, sometimes. She's quite young, still sinking her claws into things. Exactly the sort of person you really ought to avoid, but not the sort of person you'd know to."

Demeanor: Reserved, Snide, Arrogant and Sarcastic
Likes: Books, Learnin', Book-learnin', Power trips, 'Trolling'
Dislikes: Idiots, Fools, Incorruptible Stalward Defenders of All That Is Good, but I'm repeating myself here...
Phobias (if any): Centipedes, Powerlessness, Poverty
Alignment: Lawful Evil (Dominator)
Description: They respect the law, but have no concern for others, and tend to exploit the law to rise to power. Often they will engage in merciless, organised, planned killing. Example: Adolf Hitler.
Cribnote: It's all part of the evil plan.

Strength (STR): Medium-Low
Dexterity (DEX): Medium
Constitution (CON): Medium-Low
Intelligence (INT): High
Wisdom (WIS): Medium-High
Charisma (CHA): Medium-High
Overall Evaluation: (70) Strong

(Strengths / Resistances) / Weaknesses
Strengths / Resistances
  • Strength / Resistance: Keen-eyed
    Description: She's got good sight for an anthropomorphic cat, and that's probably saying something. However, her keen sight is not merely natural, but rather that she knows where to look for things.

  • Strength / Resistance: Perceptive
    Description: You learn a lot from just paying attention, you know.
  • Weakness: Typical sorts of weaknesses
    Description: She ages like anyone, can be set on fire, shot, stabbed, thrown from great heights, dumped into a woodchipper, can succumb to diseases.
  • Weakness: Allergic to seafood
    Description: I mean, it's extremely lame, but hey.

  • Weapon: Knife
    Description: Just a normal knife.
  • Weapon: Flintlock pistols
    Description: A smooth-bored flintlock pistol: It shoots a big ol' lead ball and takes a bit to reload. Better than the old matchlocks, which have to be lit just to use. A flintlock is as easy as putting powder down the barrel, ramming the ball down, lifting the frizzen, putting some powder into the pan, closing the frizzen, and cocking the lock all the way back. Easy!
  • Armor: Cuirass, Low Profile
    Description: Just a bit of metal to keep her from getting killed so easily.
Trinkets / Items (owned or worn):
  • Item: Whole ton of books and works of art and the like
    Description: Imported from all over the world, there is no greater indicator of Felicienne's love for culture than her library and collection. Inherited from a 'paramour' in old Pr'ee, Felicienne has spent the better part of seven years improving, refining, and adding to her collection. Some of her collection, as represented here, has come with her in her move to Eileadora. Much of it is owned in name only, with the bulk of her collection remaining in Pr'ee until she acquires a more significant place to keep it all.
  • Item: Wealth and a small estate in Pr'ee
    Description: "Small Estate" is stretching it. While she has inherited a spot of wealth from a now-dead doting dotard, Felicienne is in possession of a home the likes of which she never expected to have. Of course, it's in Pr'ee, so it matters little, but it's always good to remember what you own.

Natural Abilities
  • Ability: Catlike (?) Senses, Reflexes, Balance etc.
    Description: I mean, she's an anthropomorphic cat, so you'd expect at least that.
Learned Abilities:
  • Ability: Firearms Training
    Description: Felicienne knows how to use firearms. She's pretty good.
  • Ability: Horsemanship
    Description: Four-legged normal horses, of course. She's not THAT mean...

RPR Profile (or other website) URL (optional):
Other pertinent info: I like toasted garlic bread and greek food, but I doubt that's particularly pertinent to anything.

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