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Infirmary / Re: Patient Log
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:53:51 AM »
Treating Healer: Bialis
Patient Name: Alterion (wolf. It's a wolf.)
Patient Ailment: Bad bump on head.
Treatment: Given cold salve to bring down swelling. Fractured skull.  Very concussed. May need magical healing at next opportunity.
Payment: 5 silver.

Infirmary / Re: Patient Log
« on: April 21, 2017, 05:02:33 PM »
Treating Healer: Bialis
Patient Name: Trill
Patient Ailment: Shoulder pain in muscles. Old war injury from the looks of her.
Treatment: Given bath salts and a salve. Salve should last her weeks. if the bath salts work to soothe the muscle she may wish to come in regularly to get more.
Payment: 8 silver.

Character Sheets / Balzen [Alt]
« on: December 21, 2016, 01:57:19 PM »
Furcadia Name: Balzen
Character Name: Balzen
Aliases: Monster, Greyrock, Big Fucker, What The Fuck Did That Statue Move
Species: Golem
Subspecies/Race/Class: Gargoyle
Age: ?????
Gender: Male
Height: 4' quad stance, 8' bipedal stance
Fur/Skin Color: Grey. Stone.
Hair Color/Style: No hair, only grey stone.
Eye Color: Grey. Stone.
Markings/Scars: Occasional chips, cracks or moss.
Appendages: A pair of wings and a lion's tail.

Demeanor: Strange and oddly childlike much of the time. Slow, generally friendly, often inanimate.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Being A Big Fucking Statue, Mostly
Resistances: Balzen is not a biological creature and is thus impervious to poison, strangling, drowning and disease among others. He is made of frickin' stone so has some resistance to physical (and some magical) attacks. He rarely feels pain.
Weaknesses: Electricity. Electricity very bad for Balzen. He also cannot violate his 'programming', and when he is damaged enough to feel pain, he doesn't deal with it well.
Phobias: Sensory deprivation

Strength (STR): Very High
Dexterity (DEX): Low
Constitution (CON): Very High
Intelligence (INT): Medium
Wisdom (WIS): Very Low
Charisma (CHA): Low

Balzen is made of stone. He typically uses his limbs as weapons, with the exception of his more delicate tail.
Balzen is made of stone. He is armour.
- SMASH - Balzen is very good at tasks which require physical strength, such as violence, as well as moving, pulling, or lifting heavy loads.
- PROTECT - Balzen has an incredibly strong protective instinct over creatures smaller than him, especially children. He will protect children and infants at all costs.
- MIMIC - Balzen can mimic animals and musical instruments easily, and people with a lot of practice and some difficulty.
- EAT - Balzen can eat practically anything and incorporate that matter into his stone body where the stone has cracks or damage. It doesn't happen instantly, usually takes a few days to weeks, and can't heal his internal non-stone framework.
- CHILDCARE - Balzen knows how to take care of babies and toddlers, and is actually pretty good at it!
- LITERACY - Balzen can, astonishingly, read and write. Mostly in Latin.
- SPEAK - Balzen can mangle the Common tongue with incredible efficiency. He can also speak Latin and Gargoyle with much better ability.


An animated stone gargoyle, Balzen is around the size of a feral tiger. He bears powerful, thick arms ending in massive, clumsy clawed hands. His arms are long, allowing movement on all fours, though he usually moves bipedally; either way his legs are digitigrade, with large feet somewhere between talons and paws in shape. A pair of batlike, solid wings sprout just above his shoulder blades, however incapable of granting him lift. His spine is bumpy and protrusive in sculpt, running down to a tail which tapers quickly to a leonine shape. The gargoyle's head is angular in places as if to imply bone structure, with a great curved beak. His ears are pointed in three places apiece. Between them sprout two horns, curved backwards.

Any other pertinent info: Balzen's account of his backstory and what actually happened are different. He's not lying, he just doesn't know and doesn't believe the truth.

Also, he has a mild energy-draining effect on growing creatures. This effect is VERY SUBTLE and SUBJECT TO PEOPLE'S WHIMS how much it affects them if at al l- - but it may mean that if a young character who is still growing spends a lot of time around him, they will be calmer and sleep more or deeper when they sleep. The younger the character, in general, the stronger the effect, but the effect is never strong enough to do harm -- just to make them sleepy.

Character Sheets / Re: Zehera
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:39:06 PM »
Vouching for Zeh, she is a good RP buddy!

Continuity Knowledgebase / Re: Eileadoran Currency
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:29:32 PM »
Keep in mind also that medieval cultures were far less of consumer cultures, and that not everyone was expected to buy things. This is a fantasy continuity, but the same idea stands; if you wanted something, you were far more likely to make it with common (here meaning 'from nature, free for everyone') materials than to buy it, or to trade with someone who had the skill to make it. This makes for more interesting RP, as well, as a chain of barter can make for some interesting situations. (Rapt's demands for unusual magic/potion ingredients, anyone?) It also makes having a poor character a valid OOC option rather than an IC question of "why are they not rich? it's really really easy to be rich, they just must be stupid."

In addition, commoners would not be expected to have their own housing set apart, and would be likely to live in tenement or segmented housing, to live with others as employees or servants, or to live with their families in condo/apartment/flat-style housing, such as is provided in the dream already!

Character Sheets / Bialis Conroy
« on: September 12, 2015, 10:10:54 PM »
A little about my previous experience: Been RPing since 2001 on Furcadia, recently began LARPing as well. Originally made Bialis for a D&D campaign.

Why I'd like to join: Enjoyed RP here!

Main Stats:

Strength- Bit below medium
Constitution- Bit above medium

Dexterity- High

Agility- Medium-high

Intelligence- Bit above medium

Wisdom- Extremely low!

Fortitude: Medium

Reflex: Medium-high

Will: Very Low

Full Name: Bialis Conroy
Aliases: Boy, Scarf-Boy, Street Rat
Hair: Brown, curly
Fur/Skin: Pale, freckly
Eyes: Brown, unusually dull and distant
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Hovering around 100 lbs
Species: Human
Race: White
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Apprenticed to Ania, Healer
Resistances: None particularly?
Weaknesses: Blood magic. It fucks with him.
Phobias: Fire -- he is afraid of blood magic too but in a very different sense.

Strength - 8
Constitution - 14
Dexterity - 16
Agility - 12
Intelligence - 12
Wisdom - 1

Fortitude - 11
Reflex - 14
Will - 6

A strange dagger, lent to him by Epitome!
He has no other weapons as of this posting, as they were broken by Zeferah.
- Armor - None. He usually wears patchy, ragged clothing.
- Trinkets - He always wears a thick, blue scarf. It possesses no magical capabilities but he is extremely attached to it.
- Good climber - Especially for a human, Bialis has always been an excellent climber, able to scale some buildings.
- Noise-sensitive - Unusually good hearing for a human (not as good as, say, a rabbit's, mind) allows him not only to listen in on people but to be aware of his own noise and be sneakier.
- Quick runner - For sprints, Bialis is the kid to back. He flags during long runs, not having extreme endurance, but is quite fast over short distances.
- Extreme Magical Sensitivity - Bialis can sense magic. Any active magics -- magic being prepped, summoned, or restrained, as well as any magic items -- can be sensed by him within a certain radius and pinpointed if he is close enough. If the magic is dark magic, this radius expands considerably, as does the unpleasantness of the feeling and the exact pinpointing effect. If the magic is blood magic, the radius expands much further, along with now extreme unpleasantness which may include pain, headaches, and with long enough exposure, bleeding.
- Archery - Bialis is a pretty damn good archer! Shooting on the move is not his strong point, but he's a disturbingly good sniper when equipped with the right bow.
- Fletching & Bowmaking - Bialis is a skilled fletcher and bowyer. He is better at fletching, however, having more experience in it.
- Weaving - Yes, Bialis is a half-decent weaver. He does not frequently advertise this skill.
- First Aid - While Bialis is not a skilled healer by any means, he understands some basic first aid, how to give stitches and prevent infection.
- Silent Languages - Bialis has spoken sign language from before he could speak aloud. Additionally, he is extremely skilled in a secret language. This secret language is Pretty Fucking Useless, however, as the only living people to be able to communicate in it at present are him and one other person!
A young human, appearing to be in his early to mid teens, not very tall. His freckled face is young and sweet-looking, and like the rest of him sprinkled liberally with dirt. His eyes seem dull and distant, brown like his curly hair, and his clothing is simple -- a dust-coloured tunic, trousers, and boots. A knife and small bag are tied at his belt. A dark blue scarf is always seen tied securely around his neck, providing warmth that his fingerless gloves surely do not.

Any other pertinent info:
This character is not entirely as he appears. Please do not get butthurt if you find out he's been concealing something/lying/misrepresenting himself. For reassurance -- Yes, he really is a young teen, yes, he really is human, yes, he really is nonmagical.

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