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on: October 15, 2016, 05:37:03 PM
A notice would have arrived by small Orphan courier. In honor of Samhain, the youth was dressed up in a small dragon costume that the Orphanage had helped the young tiger cub to create; the paper mache costume consisted of a long Dragon's Tail, Dragon's Wings, and Horns, maybe not so much made to look like a Dragon but something pretty close!

This letter would find the King ( @James Crovax Darkarma ), himself.

The letter was hand-written and contained the Mark of the Cathedral inlayed by some magical seal on the back of the parchment; the glimmering seal would seem to come from the Office of the High Cleric directly.

What was inside, though, seemed more informal than not.

It read:

Quote from: High Cleric of Eileadora - Warrior Priest of Etla
King James,

A recent request has come across my desk at favor for one of our most pleasant, kind, and generous citizens. I am not sure of the distant relations between the two of you, though I think there is some tie to family that I am unfamiliar with, given I am also uncertain your exact relationship to the former ArchMagus Fyedakin. I think he goes by another name these days...

Princess Lady Miss Sayyida has come to me with a request to make an underground Green House to be able to fill with what she has called 'Good Flowers.' I am working with Lady Ameera, our Master Horticulturalist, and a close personal friend of mine, to be able to provide flower pots, infused, fertilized soil, and even flowers that require very little light in order to thrive. Yet, even still, these flowers held in dark recesses of the woman's basement will require some manner of light.

Through the usage of Sun Stones, I think that a complex system of mirrors or otherwise reflective surfaces, insulated tubes, and hanging fixtures that I may be able to provide her this exact request. I have been designing these for the past few evenings.

Unfortunately, my King, my Ally, and my Friend, I have not had the honor of sitting with you to discuss matters of metallurgy and your expert craft to learn how to accomplish this matter alone. I have included a detailed schematic outlining my intended plans for this basement project. These metal tubes will need to be able to withstand the potential expansion provided by the warmth of the sun, while also ensuring they do not show any of the sun's kisses upon the basement itself besides through outlined ports where the sunstones will sit and flow.

It may require someone also skilled with Earth Elementalism far beyond my limited scope and capability to aid in the construction and embedding of these fabricated elements to the structure of Sayyida's house.

If you have any suggestions on the matter, please do seek to inform me of these.

I ask that this matter be kept relatively reserved from the public. I don't want to breed any discontent given my favoritism of your craft compared to the other available smiths or any issues with seeking to steal from Lady Ameera's hard work in the Conservatory. I also think it best to simply be silent on many members of our City Council and Crown working together for benefit of our Citizens. To think what could be said of our personal works for one and the requests of so many... I wish not to make public our efforts.

This would be a more private matter between myself, Master Hashenn, yourself, Sayyida, and her current volcanic partner. Master Hashenn has already spoken of being the benefactor to this project, and you would only need to confirm with him any costs that are incurred for the raw materials.

I eagerly await your fortuitous reply.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. - How are the many hatchlings these days? I overheard of one, and expect many a positive news given what I heard from the Duchess Aeralis.

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Upon exiting, the Child would give a Rooooaaaarr!! as he tried to imitate a Dragon in front of the well known, fierce Hand of the Queen Elora. Unless otherwise dismissed, the Child would stay around for a bit to "fight" the King playfully, as he was in costume and playing the role!


OOC Notes - tl;dr

  • Tillius has a note delivered to the King James
  • Plans are being made for an Underground Greenhouse to be construct in Sayyida's house basement
    • Matter is asked to be held private between the High Cleric, the Master of Secrets, the King, and the Lady Sayyida
  • Detailed Schematics are given to the King:
    • Architectural Designs
    • Sun Stones in 'Hanging Metal Light' "cones" (Think Light Fixture)
    • Mirrors and long cylinders to "capture" the natural light during the day
    • Potentially Enchanted Glass, or just Dense Glass, to fit over the cones as filters (Think UV Filters) to the sun's light (Tilley is making these himself)
    • Could need an Earth Elemental to help shift stone, sediment, ground, rock, etc...
  • The Master of Secrets is totally paying for all this
  • Dragon-Costume-Kid wants to play with the King!

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Reply #1 on: October 19, 2016, 11:16:27 PM
The letter would return after some time due to other duties the King had to address.

I apologize for the delay. I have reviewed the items within, and I believe I can do this. It will take me some time, perhaps two weeks, before I'll have the stones and such ready. The mirrors and cylinders I have an idea for which will add some time to it as well. I can create the cavity, but again, that will take time. Creating the re-enforcements, and gently nudging them into place without causing a collapse is tricky.  As far as cost that will depend, and I will begin to gather what I need. The hatchling, Blasa, is doing well, and I will have her with me to survey and learn from the project.


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