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on: April 11, 2015, 05:47:00 PM
If you are NEW:

1) Read the rules. Dream rules and basic info can be found here.

2) We have a new character sheet/application generator that has all the info you need in one tidy page. You can find it here.  When done, create a new thread in Applications with your character name and post the code the generator gives you.

3) RP! If you've already been doing so that's great, if not, get out there.  It's much simpler for us to approve a player and/or character if we've seen you being active in the dream.

4) There may be some questions from staff, or a balancing of stats, otherwise your character sheet will be moved to the Character Sheets board when you're approved.

If you are ALREADY a member: 

1) You are allowed 4 active characters in Eilea. I do request that any long-term character have a character sheet filled out.  These new characters do not have to go through the application process again, but a sheet must be filled out for each in the Character Sheets board.  If you can, please label them as your main and alts.

2) You are also allowed 2 additional characters (at any one given time) that are for plot-specific roles that will not be used long term.  These characters DO NOT need to have a character sheet as they're deemed 'throw away' alts.

3) You are allowed to comment on new applicants! If you've RPed with (or observed) someone who is applying and have any feedback, good or bad, feel free to comment on their application sheet.  Especially those of you who are seasoned Etla veterans. ;)  It's not mandatory, but it makes the job of staff a little easier and helps move the process along more quickly.
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