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Conspicuous Concoctions / Pub Menu
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:07:06 AM »
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Knowledgebase / Magic Guidelines VOTE!!
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:43:33 PM »
We really need to decide what changes we're making and since they will affect everyone (whether you cast or not, you'll likely deal with someone who does), everyone gets a say.

So what do you think will be the best system overall for the whole community moving forward? Something that seems mostly fair for casters and non-casters alike, for those just starting with magic and those that are more powerful.

Keep in mind, the original system was written in a time when everyone on Furc just wanted to blow things up with meteors and have the most powerful characters. We had to put certain guidelines in the 'rules' to try to ween down the number of godmodders and e-peen-wavers. It makes sense to make some modifications as people are a bit more mature/trustworthy now. For reference, the old/current system is here along with some suggestions for edits.

Rumor Mill / Airship Expedition
« on: July 24, 2017, 11:47:43 AM »
Two of the King's finest airships have been docked in the harbor for the last week or so, allowing a few of the newly elected Council to load up equipment. Though little information is made available to the public, anyone watching the ongoings would notice four members of the High Council, board the ships; Research, magics, Secrets and Ships. Former Councilmember Den Fa and even the Queen have been by to bring items or well-wishes to the apparent expedition team.

[If you want to be a part of the expedition, or just want to follow along; it's being run in our Event discord server: https://discord.gg/4HcF2Dc]

Player Resources / Mary Sue Test
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:38:16 AM »
What is a Mary Sue?
A Mary Sue is a character (male, female or otherwise) who is given or is expected to be give unwarranted preferential treatment and unearned respect, thereby compromising the integrity and believably of the story and/or it's characters. A hallmark of the Mary Sue is that they will have very few, if any meaningful challenges, hardships, or handicaps. Obstacles that exist for others are virtually non-existent or pose little to no challenge for a Mary Sue. In fact, it will often seem that the very fabric of the universe is bending to accommodate the character.

How to find out if your character is or has become one: http://www.springhole.net/writing/marysue.htm

Before anyone gets their nose out of joint, this is not directed at anyone in particular. It is here as a reference.

Archived Events / Ostara / Vernal (Spring) Equinox
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:07:52 AM »
Spring has arrived! Technically speaking. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. A time to plant seeds for future harvest. A time to reevaluate our lives and realign with our goals. A time to reconnect with nature and enjoy the long, sunny days.

The celebration of Ostara will begin today and continue for the next five days. Expect to find the city overflowing with floral bouquets for the next week. A special blend of incense (Frankincense, Dragon's Blood, Violet, Rose, Orange and Nutmeg) will be burned throughout the city as well to invite good fortune and blessings on the journey ahead.

Archived Events / Elections [5/1]
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:15:34 PM »
We're still about a month and a half away from election day (May 1) but close enough to start organizing things. The High Council has changed slightly. The High Cleric will no longer be a part of the council, though the position will remain in the church. I have added a Tech/Research spot that will handle research and development and studies on the Rift.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Mast of Coin: Advises the crown on trade and financial decisions. Head of city finance and taxes.

Master of Laws: Advises the crown on legal affairs. Head of city guard.

Master of Secrets: Head of the spy/information network and oversees foreign affairs.

Master of Arms: Advises the crown on military affairs. Head of land-based armed forces.

Master of Ships: Advises the crown, and heads up naval and air forces.

Master of Research: Advises the crown on technological matters and heads up research and development.

Master of Magics: Advises the crown on magic affairs and maintains laws and regulations around magic use in the city.

I will try to keep this thread updated with the candidates for each position. Feel free to post your posters/flyers or notate if you're running or nominating someone here. There will be another thread for debates as we get closer.

Coin: Draum
Law: Squall, Alhsom
Secrets: Hashenn, Riley
Arms: Noman, Rolan, Epitome
Ships: Zurvan
Research: Evren
Magic: Gibbit, Kusanagi

Voting Ballot

Spring Cleaning! / Underground
« on: January 27, 2017, 10:09:31 PM »
The underground is still largely vacant. Though it has been divided up into smaller areas, it's mostly all regioned and some areas can be combined into larger areas depending on what's needed.

Instead of listing off all the vacancies, I'll just go through the occupied ones.

U3 - Tamia

U5 - Shady butcher shop claimed!

U7 - Teren Siegfried - Add a plant with blue foliage.

U9 - Tajarakta - @Smegzly
I intended to give you a beacon and make sure Ive got you added to the !where thing. I made it bigger!

U13 - @Aeralis - Any edits?

U15 - @Crowling - No edits.

Those of you with shop basements not connected to the underground, if you would like it to be, just let me know.

@Riley Keller - Edits

 - Any character that would like a private crypt area (like for a home or whatever) let me know.

** Of note - there is an area of the underground that is getting overhauled; around the guard barracks and toward the castle and arena. There may be opportunity for other shops/homes in this area.

@HERR ANTONIUS wants something mysterious somewhere in the area getting edited >.>

Spring Cleaning! / Clean what?
« on: January 27, 2017, 08:48:09 PM »
So around this time last year we were preparing to load up the 'new' map, in part to prepare for 32-bit but also because after a year of RP we needed some changes. We've now gone another year and it's time for more changes. Not a start-over-from-scratch refresh this time, but I do have a secondary version in the works with some areas getting an overhaul.

Tavern preview:
visitors can't see pics , please register or login


The point of this board and the threads within is to clear out old, dead/vacant areas and get new people into new places to get some new blood into this RP madhouse we got going on. Those who currently run businesses and guilds, and those looking to put their character into a vacancy, please refer to Tak's Spring Cleaning thread and evaluate how you feel about running a location in the dream. Remember, when playing in a continuity, you're a part of a larger story than your own and those who are the face of a location need to be prepared to lead story in that area.

In the threads for shops, businesses, guilds, homes, etc. I will try to @ping those who currently hold property to verify they want to keep the location and those looking to claim a vacancy can post to claim spots. If there are no vacancies for what you're looking for, mention it anyway! I may be able to work something in elsewhere.

Archived Events / ENDED - Samhain Festival
« on: October 17, 2016, 01:58:44 PM »
The year has two "hinges"; Beltaine (the first of May) and Samhain (the first of November). These two days are the most magical, and often frightening times of the whole year. On Samhain, time loses all meaning and the past, present, and future are one. The dead, and the denizens of the Other World, walk among the living. Winter itself is the Season of Ghosts, and Samhain is the night of their release from the Underworld.

With the recent red star event and the damage inflicted on the rift that holds Etla in place, such a magical time is a bit worrisome. Nonetheless, it seems officials are preparing for the Festival of Lights. Notices are handed out to inform citizens of what to expect from this years festivities.

Saturday, October 29th: Lighting of the Bonfires - At dusk on Saturday, the bonfires will be lit around the city, as they are during most holiday celebrations. Wine, ale and spirits will be available. It is possible that the evening may bring faeries and pixies into town - Be watchful!
[This is a fairly open RP event. Feel free to gather at bonfires or drinking locations or wander about and perhaps experience some pixie shenanigans (you can use the dice chart from the pixie migration for this event as well. Effects can be temporary, last the duration of the festival, happen more than once or be avoided altogether.]

Sunday, October 30th: Feast of the Dead - A catered feast, themed for the event, to be held outside the city limits around a large bonfire. Costumes encouraged. Music & drunken dancing to occur.
Sunday, October 30th: Ghost Ship - [Please see here or contact Zelanze for more details.]

Monday, October 31st: Lantern Ceremony - Lanterns will be lit and sent out into the harbor, in part to recognize fallen loved ones, and part to lure the spirits away from the city.

Tuesday, November 1st:
Something different seems to be sweeping the City. Was it due to the Pixies? First thoughts would lead one to assume so. Maybe. One thing was for sure. Anything within the city to have drank from the city's water supply in any way would find themselves wholly and completely the opposite gender. If someone is pregnant they would be exempt from this change somehow. Be it through food made with the cities water, or drinks themselves, the whole city would find this event of Halloween to be shocking indeed. Men become Women, Women become Men. Happy Halloween. (Effect will last up to three days at most)

[Potential for an impromptu event at IC sundown (7pm Furc time) - depends on my work schedule :/]

Knowledgebase / Staff
« on: September 04, 2016, 07:22:41 PM »
Rah - Lady Enchantres/Heather Bee

Admin - Takurasho, Render Iceblade, James Darkarma, Kaden Britta

Junior Admin - Zehera, Riley Keller, Xanthic, Otori, Abigaile Wilde

Lore Master - Ly'Tillius Elmitore, Rapt/Riressil

Story Master - Hashenn, Enkil, Den Fa, Tykari

Mentor [G] [C] [M] - Ourania [G],  Amena Britta [G], Athala[G], Azilie Ryld [C], Kaden Britta [C]

Hello. I'm Heather. I own this place and manage the dream, dreamweaving, DS, PS, bot, website/forums, and misc groups. I will listen and mediate player issues but I'm also the person to go to if you want to claim and decorate your own space in the dream. I'm open to building new things if we can work it in, so you can always ask. We can also start new guilds and organizations within the dream. If you're interested in becoming a staff member and helping to grow the community, please send me a PM and we'll discuss it. ^.^

- I'd be lost without my admins. They handle all the day to day business of approving new characters, handling player issues, assisting new players and organizing RP. It's a lot to do but they're always available to talk to players and willing to help.

Junior Admins - These guys are like admins in training. Feel free to put 'em through the ringer. I kid. Be nice >.>  These guys are mostly here to help other players and mediate issues. If they don't have the answer, they'll escalate it up.

Lore Master - Know it alls. Not really. But they likely know more than most. They've either been around since the dawn of time or they just really love developing back story. Either way, if you need to know something about the continuity/lore, these people probably know the answer. (Or they're really good at pestering me until I make up an answer XD)

Story Master - Our version of Dungeon Masters essentially. These guys develop and manage our plots and manage group RPs for said plots. They're kid of awesome. If you need something emitted for your personal RP (something that would be sensed from a distance), they can help.

 [G]eneral - Awesome people who know a thing or two about the dream and are happy to help guide new players (and old alike >.>). If you have a general question, they likely have an answer or know how to find it!
 [C]ombat - Individuals who've been around the block of freeform fighting and we trust them to help 'referee' when and where needed. They can also likely point you to a good resource for a fighting style, armor info, weapon... you get the idea.
 [M]agic - These guys know the ins and outs of magic and how we recognize it in this continuity. If you have a question or concern that's magic related, these people can likely help and/or mediate.

Scheduled Events / News / Announcement
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:58:16 PM »
I would like for everyone to please keep in mind that Eileadora has a 16+ dream rating. We are not 18+.  We are in Imaginarium and not in Furrabian Nights. This means that mature subjects may happen, but are mostly reserved to private areas and not flaunted about in public. This includes talking about it OOCly. Every time you speak in public, ICly or OOCly, imagine there's a 16 year old there, because they very likely could be.

I'd rather we not get in trouble for open sexual or mature discussions and/or are not forced to move the dream to FurN. I think we've all gotten a little too comfortable and we need to remember to reign it in and keep private subject matter private. And that includes on the Discord server. I can add a mature channel if needed but lets just in general, keep public area discussions to public appropriate conversations.

Thank you <3

Archived Events / ENDED - Queen's Festival
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:53:42 PM »
It's time again for the Queen's Festival.

This year will be similar to last year's festival except that this one lasts a bit longer.

Archived Events / ENDED - Autumn Tournament
« on: August 15, 2016, 06:42:41 PM »
Flyers begin circulating around town of a large tournament to be held in the first week of September.

[Feel free to sign up below if interested. More info will be posted closer to the event.]

Archived Events / ENDED - Pixie Migration
« on: August 15, 2016, 06:33:35 PM »
Reports and rumors have been filtering in from nearby towns and travelers on the road. It seems a band of pixies is making their way north and leaving shenanigans in their wake! We expect them to hit the city by weeks end...

[More info to come in time for the event]

Scheduled Events / News / Weather & External Influences
« on: August 04, 2016, 11:37:39 AM »
Updates to weather or anything of note taking place outside the city, or externally affecting the city, will be maintained here.

The days are warm, often with afternoon showers but the evenings are significantly cooler.

The tears in the rift have begun to heal enough to allow the island to stabilize. Skilled mages looking to work together to heal the remaining holes could likely do so without consequence.

The northern forest was burned through but life has begun to sprout on the forest floor. The mines have been cleared and repairs on the mining towns has begun. Miners will be returning to work soon.

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