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Author Topic: Thoth's Quill Grand Reopening  (Read 62 times)

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Thoth's Quill Grand Reopening
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:10:34 PM »
All Eileadoran residents are invited to the Grand Reopening of Thoth's Quill, the city's finest supplier of books and scrolls of all topics.

For the week of October 9 - 14th, the shop will have shortened business hours of noon - 5pm. From October 16th on we will resume normal business hours of 8a - 9pm Monday-Saturday, and closed on Sunday for scroll-work and commissions. First purchases for all customers will receive a 10% discount to celebrate the Grand Reopening.

We invite any and all Eileadoran residents to sign up for the Book Club! Once we have determined who would like to join, we will determine the appropriate time for meetings, hoping to begin in the month of November.

We look forward to your patronage!

Lunar Matthias
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