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Author Topic: Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)  (Read 505 times)

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Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:54:05 PM »
Chaos and shape-shifting has returned!!!  Oct 10th - Nov 7th
For questions or concerns please contact me oooon, Firn, Atropa, Rapt, Riressil, or Ghoul

The wee critters resemble:
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Size: 1-3 inches
Colors: Naturey colours

Indifferent, you are not as important as migration

Contact with the Pixies:
If you touch the pixies in anyway, even through clothing or tongs you must roll (or choose) an effect. NOTE: Enchanted items to ward against magic will allow short periods of handling.  If you do not want to be effected, don't touch them or mess with them and nothing will happen to your char. They do not seek people out, this is just for fun.

Rolling for random chaos:
Roll once for your first number! If you land on one that requires a second roll go again. You can also just pick what you want to happen and have fun!

Then roll for how LONG it lasts(3 days to a month is normal), or just pick! The point is to enjoy the madness!

1.       Roll twice more on this chart and apply both.
2.       Species Change, reroll if you get your original
   1. Rodent
   2. Equine
   3. Canine
   4. Feline
   5. Mustiline
   6. Lapine
   7.  Squirrel
   8. Bovine
   9. Urine
   10.  Bugge
   11.  Human
   12.  Elf
   13.  Naga
   14.  Dwarf (Female Dwarves have beards!)
   15.  Giant (Male only, reroll if female)
   16.  Avian
   17.  Lizard
   18.  Wyrmme
   19.  Orca
  20.   Dragon
3.       Sex Change – Swap male/female.  Species that are duel gender or do not have one, reroll.
4.       Colours change – Hit Random colours and keep it, including clothing!
5.       Gain heavy accent
   1. Russian (Git to verk or I break you!)
   2. Itallian (Don’t ge’ upsetti, have sum spegetti!)
   3. Pirate (Yar, dis here be weird!)
   4. English (This be’ah no’ be permenan’)
   5. Surfer (Oh whoa man, this is totally gnarly dude)
   6. ERGMAGERD ( Ergmagerd, dis id reels weord!)
6.       Hair Style Change – Hair will instantly grow back if cut
   1.       Rapunzel Hair
   2.       Overbearing Fro
   3.       Long, Spiky Mullet
7.       Vision Change – 1. Blind 2. Inferred Sight Only 3. UV Light only 4. Black and White 5. Everything is a shade of one colour
8.       Hearing Change – 1. Deaf 2. Overly sensitive, can hear heartbeats, normal conversation is deafening
9.       Voice Change – 1. Mute 2. Incredibly High or Low Pitch 3. Can only yell
10.   Change of Taste – Nothing seems right, might enjoy Fish sticks and custard, or everything tastes like boogers.
11.   Dietary Shift – Carnivores become herbivores and vice versa.  Omnivores roll 1d2 1. Carnivore 2. Herbivore
12.   Height Change – Proportions will be the same.
   1.       Taller – Roll 1d150+50 for % of current height gained. 100% gain is twice as tall
   2.       Shorter – Roll 1d60+30 for % of height lost.  80% loss means character is only 20% as tall as they were.
13.   Weight Change – Clothes will change to match.  Reroll if no change from current weight/body type.
   1.       Gaunt
   2.       Skinny
   3.       Average
   4.       Plump
   5.       Hearty
   6.       Huge
14.   Become Mermaid/Merman – Can breathe in and out of water but lose legs for fish tail.
15.   Random physical status effects - like unstoppable giggling, nonstop sneezing, constantly playing air guitar when not purposefully moving your hands, winking every time you use a word with the letter p in it, replace all nouns in speech with non-sensible word, raspberry at the end of each sentence, that kind of stuff...
16.   Addiction to odd substances – May need to eat or horde them out of compulsion; Pillow fluff, old ale keg splinters, shiny rocks, nail/claw clippings, etc.
17.   Sex Appeal Change – Reroll for child characters - this cannot effect you.  Could be physical change or just something alluring/revolting about them suddenly.  E.g. of High Gain; visitors can't see pics , please register or login

   1.       High Loss
   2.       Low Loss
   3.       Low Gain
   4.       High Gain
18.   Become Taur of current species – Clothes will change to match. May not work with some species like Naga.  Will work with humans; visitors can't see pics , please register or login

19.   Unable to touch the ground – Like character and the ground/floor were similar end magnets repelling each other.  Characters without wings will need some outside source to propel them.  Whether it be someone pulling them along, or a stick to paddle their way through the air.
20.   Reverse Adulthood – Adults become children and vice versa.

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Re: Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2017, 06:41:56 PM »
[Effect not currently active; will have this go into effect on the night of Friday the 13th.]
Lunar was tending the bookshop, replacing books on the shelf using the ladder. The last book put away, she would hum a little as she began to descend the ladder. The sound of wingbeats turned her head and she beheld a little pixie before her. She blinked multiple times, uncertain if this was a sleep-deprived hallucination. When the creature remained, she smiled. Another customer? "Hello my dear. Can I help you find anything?" Poor dear. Coming from an almost entirely-human homeland, she was so unaware of what was a sentient, intelligent being of the community and what was a trickster being. The creature hovered before her, silent, with a devious smile on its visage. Was it made of wood? Proper protocol momentarily forgotten, she reached forward to touch the critter, fingertip touching its outstretched hand…

and she fell of the ladder, frightened by a sudden knocking sound. The normally graceful female was flabbergasted as she hit the ground, the knocking sound persisting. Gingerly she sat up, right hand flying to her left elbow; she had fallen on it and it ached. The knocks came faster now, and it was joined with a loud fluttering sound as if a very large bee was right by her head. Grasping her elbow, she scooted back until her back was against the shelf. Her eyes were wild as she searched for the source of any of the sounds, but she only saw the winged pixie briefly as it flew out the open window. What... What had it done to her?

She quickly rose and closed the shutter, hoping the knocking sound would go away. But it persisted. Her breath came quickly now as panic began to set in. Just what was going on?! Her heart beat quickly against her chest, almost matching the rhythm of the knocking. No, not almost matching; exactly matching. The knocking sound was her own heart beating within her chest.

Eyes wide in horror, she staggered backwards as though she could escape her own organs. She bumped into the table beside the armchair, the table she had placed her coffee cup and kettle on. Both now fell to the floor, the hand outreached unable to catch them before they shattered on the floor. And oh, how they shattered. The sound reverberated in her head and her hands flew to her ears, but they kept shattering in an infernal echo within her own mind. As each piece fell, the tinkling of the porcelain was like a gong right by her head, deafening and painful. It was finally silent, but her heart beat like a galloping runaway horse, driving her to madness. The scream that ripped from her mouth was one of absolute terror and could be heard a block away.
If anyone came, they would see her huddled in the corner as far away from the grandfather clock as she could get, disheveled hair covering her face as she quietly sobbed her way into madness.
[Rolled an 8. If anyone would like to follow up this post with an RP Friday night after 11pm PST, hmu on Discord. 😊]
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Re: Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2017, 06:06:01 PM »
The migration soon heralded a rather odd sight: a gaggle of little spotted dragons prancing through the streets from the direction of the noble's district, utterly in their glory and chattering a tiny chorus of "Naaaaw, c'mon, Mommy! You can land, now!" and the occasional chant of, "Land! Mom! Land! Mom! Touch-the-ground! Touch-the-ground!"

A string was tied around the paw of the largest one; it trailed upward like that of the string of a balloon. But what the children carried was certainly no balloon: Bobbing above them was a rather gamely participatory Master of Research in a mostly-human shape, wearing wings suitable for her size (and mindful of the space the streets would allow), and using them to steer around corners in a manner more akin to rowboat paddles through water than those of properly flapping wings.

Periodically, she would dive towards the ground with a "Think it'll work now, guys?! Here goooess-!", in a pantomime attempt to test the waters - only to spring back up again with a force so sudden and repulsive it may as well have been magnetic, to a flurry of tiny giggles, in order to bob cheerfully and cheekily above their heads. She certainly looked far too amused about the whole thing, herself, for someone in such a bizarre predicament!

When the children were asked what was going on, one chirped, "We're walking Mommy!" before he dissolved into uncontrollable giggles.

"She was drawin' some of them fairy things! We're not s'posed to eat'em," another added, ruefully.

"She went right out the window with them! It was pretty scary but she didn't fly away. The ground spits her right back up! See?"

"I wanna' be the balloon, next..."

And so the rather silly parade would continue around town and back up through the noble's district - until they either reached their destination within, or the children grew sick of the game.
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Re: Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2017, 11:59:37 PM »
Islington had been flying about in the skies when he chanced upon a group of pixies. Terrible really... mostly because he wasn't looking THAT well into what he was flying into. Bugs never bothered him that much and next thing he knew...

He was without his wings in the air.

"Oh..." was all he said before he had to try and land properly in the middle of nowhere. Well cat skills activated... and then he realised he had a fishtail where his legs were. This was followed by a string of expletives as he angled himself properly to land, grabbing hold of branches along the way as gravity did it's job.

As he managed to land somewhat safely on the ground, he groaned at the strain his arms received. Well this was problematic. Either way he'd give a call to someone later through his badge eventually to try and sort out his problem and help him to Sairon.

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Re: Pixie Migration (Later then Last year)
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2017, 06:08:16 AM »
"Zaaaaarlaw. Zaaaaarlaw."

The voice cut out into the night as Esaro went to check up on his horse, walking about the stables in his evening robes, though the two wouldn't have been easily connected, as Esaro sounded like James Baskett, with a deep melodiously bass voice, completely thrown from his normal light and slightly girly air. He turned a corner and peered into a stable, and noted his unicorn staring at a wall, looking up down and around like he was tripping on acid. "... Fairy migration hit, I grew balls. You okay?"

Zarlaw twisted and looked to his master, and smiled slightly, plodding over with a chuckle. "I'm more than okay, I have super vision. I can see -fingerprints-."

The snow leopard seemed taken aback and pinned his ears. "Huh, interesting. Well, maybe I should bring that up to our local detective, if someone were to commit a crime you may be a better hound for sniffing out a culprit while the special vision persists."

The blue-haired stallion nodded in response. "What about Morg, how did he make out?"

Esaro tensed up. "... He's not too happy. He's actually seething a little bit. Hang on, sec."

He fished around in his pocket and would lift the fox dragon out by his shoulders, and hold up his hand to show Morg with arms folded, pouting, now a mere four inches tall. "WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE HEIGHT CHANGE AFTER I GOT SHRUNK DOWN ONCE AS IS?"

"Because fate is a silly one, Morg. You should count your lucky stars, if anything you can hide easier and won't have to worry about further nonsense. So." Esaro let him wiggle back down in his pocket. "I guess we're all safe and happy, then. Usually one fae attack is enough to last the season for me, so I suppose I can let down my guard, doubt lightning will strike twice.

Zarlaw sighed and sat on his rear, shaking his head. "No, no, never say that. You'll say that and fate will conspire against you..."

And as if on queue, or overhearing the conversation, Esaro felt something smack right into the back of his neck as two fae went spinning past him, a stare cast as he watch them at play, spiraling off into the distance. "... Yall ladies have fun while ya can..." He looked back to Zarlaw, who now seemed affixed upon Esaro with his jaw hanging slightly open.

Esaro put a brow up. "... Oh god, am I turning into a bug or something?"

Zarlaw shook his head. "N... no? I kind of uh... get your stupid sexy face and deep voice out of here, this is very awkward..."

The snow leopard smirked and did so. "I love the fairy migration..." He chuckled, flexing his soon-muscular arms. He'd promptly return home and stare at his well-defined jaw and incredibly handsome princelike features for a few hours, before seeing fit to get a short haircut and play the role of village heartthrob for a few weeks. The normally androgynous snow leopard would be unmistakably manly come morning.

Esaro: Voice change, pitch down. Sex appeal, low gain.
Morg: Height Change, Shrink
Zarlaw: UV Vision.