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Author Topic: Cloth, Wurm, and a closure of shop (pixie'd!)  (Read 122 times)

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Cloth, Wurm, and a closure of shop (pixie'd!)
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:37:07 PM »
Shortly after a visit to the newly reopened Thoth's, the lapidist would be seen leaving the shop and taking a walk. Later, he would be seen returning to his shop. This would be the last time the young man would be seen.

Come morning the next day, the shop would still be closed (as though it had never reopened the previous day) and instead a slender, shimmery reptile would be seen laying in the outdoor foyer just outside the door. Horned, it resembles a dragon but hasn't any wings, instead in their place two old yet tender looking scars.

The beast would be seen laying atop a black cloak, and should the beast wander away and the cloak be investigated, beneath it is a pair of large boots, trousers, a lovely brocade shirt, a shard of white opal wire-wrapped and on round leather cordage, and an unmistakeable 'M' pin in gold.

The creature is skittish and shy, like a long-time street dog who has had a few too many unpleasant run-ins with humans. It typically shies away and wanders off if approached. There is an intelligence to it's sad looking, dark eyes, yet it does not seem to readily vocalize or make effort to communicate with others.