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Character Sheets / Tiressa
« on: March 05, 2017, 12:54:17 PM »
A little about my previous experience:  I've been rp'ing in Furcadia and other resources for nearly twenty years now.  I lapse out of Furc every so often, but just keep coming back to it, it is the best drug.

Why I'd like to join:  I was invited here a while ago by a friend that I used to rp with, and I really like the community so far!  A lot of people have been super friendly and fun to rp with, so I was hoping I could apply and have my character stick around.

Furcadia Name: Tiressa
Character Name: Tiressa
Aliases: Tir (pronounced Tir)
Species: Tigress furre
Subspecies/Race/Class: Fighter
Age: 29, looks younger.  She's very spritely and boyish.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Fur/Skin Color: White fur, dark red stripes
Hair Color/Style: Orange, messy hair
Eye Color: Pink
Markings/Scars:  A lot of scars!  Most notably the large slashes on her face.
Appendages: Limbs, a tail.  A nose.  Both eyes.  Two ears.  Fingers and toes.

Demeanor:  Laid-back, confident.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Profession: Mercenary, sellsword
Resistances: None, really, she's a normal furre.  She sure can take a beating, though.

Strength (STR): High
Dexterity (DEX): Medium
Constitution (CON): High
Intelligence (INT): Low
Wisdom (WIS): Medium
Charisma (CHA): Medium

Fortitude: High
Reflex: Medium
Will: Medium

- Weapon - Single-hand warhammer
- Weapon - Single-hand battleaxe
- Weapon - 2 daggers
- Weapon - Greatsword (usually not on her, she only takes it out when she needs to, as her 'shiz is getting real' weapon. Plus, she looks hilarious when using it!)
-Weapon - Buckler

All of her weapons are pretty basic, nothing special about them.

- Armor - Tir has a hodgepodge of armor that's a mix of leather and plate she's always wearing.  She has a metal breastplate, bracers, and greaves, the rest is leather.  Again, well-made but not special.
- Healing - Tir heals quickly, but not to Wolverine-esque levels, or even to a point that seems supernatural. 
- Cooking - Bizarrely, Tir's a pretty good cook.
- Uneducated (disadvantage) - Surprising no one, Tir is a very slow reader and writer.  She's sharp enough, but not booksmart.
- Fighter - Tir's spent most of her life getting into brawls and fights, she knows how to use most non-martial weapons she can get her hands on, and is an excellent hand to hand fighter.
- Sailing - Tir had a stint working for some pirates and can sail pretty well.
The tigress barely cleared five foot two, but looks like she's ready to go to war, and that she'll likely enjoy it. She wore a hodgepodge of leather armor that seemed to be picked by preference rather than being any part of a cohesive whole. All of her equipment looked used and weathered, though she kept them well maintained. Over her armor, the weather necessitated a dark cloak, though she kept the hood pulled down whenever she could, showing the white-furred tigress's scarred face. Three diagonal slashes cut down from the top of her face, one of them barely missing her eye, and another cut in an 'r' curve starting from her jaw and driving along the opposite cheek, and her right ear had a couple of triangle-shaped tears in the sensitive flesh. Instead of black, the tigress' markings were inexplicably a deep blood red. Her fiery orange hair was starting to grow out, messy locks curling down just at pastel-pink eyes that danced with all sorts of mischief and mayhem. A warhammer hung at one hip, an axe at the other, a couple of daggers kept on her belt, and a metal buckler worn towards her lower back; lots of heavy equipment, and the stocky femme displayed enough muscle to carry all of it.

Any other pertinent info:

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