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Shipping / Markets / Re: A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: January 24, 2017, 11:12:03 AM »
A new notice is on the board baring the House Balestra heraldry:

Hunt of the Great White Sky Whale

House Balestra is looking for combat capable crew members to board the S.S Faithful for it's hunt of the sky whale, a physics defying mythic beast that drives through clouds instead of waves. The beat has become gradually more aggressive and, while airship traffic is not as nearly as high of a priority in our world it must none the less be kept safe and all attempts to make the beast docile have failed. This hunt with take place slightly after midday [6pm EST OOC]

Zelanze Balestra
 Knight Errant

Updated due to:

Plus we also have a lot of new arrivals coming in by ship so might as well bump it

Shipping / Markets / Re: A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:32:11 AM »
A new notice has been posted on the board, but this one bears only the heraldry of House Balestra and is not accompanied in any way by the Eileadoran symbol.

Leviathan Hunt in Southern Seas

House Balestra will be taking to the sea to attempt to kill the Leviathan haunting the southern seas and damaging trade in the region. Recruiting men and women experienced in combat, monster hunting, or any naval expertise. The hunt will take place midday (Noon) on the seventeenth day of the twelfth month of the standard year. Payment will be fifteen gold per individual plus a portion of the sea creatures meat from the hunt.

Zelanze Balestra; Knight Errant

OOC: This will be a short story light, combat heavy rp event this Saturday revolving around slaying a Leviathan. A dice system will be used similar to that used during the pirate event: Roll a 1d4 every post where a 1 is negative consequence, 2 is a stalemate, and 3 or 4 represent succeeding in the action.

Character Sheets / Re: Liam Laca
« on: December 12, 2016, 09:57:37 AM »
Liam is probably one of the most talented RPers I know and the stories i''ve written with him will always be some of my most memorable.
One of probably three rpers to ever made me legit cry like a huge baby at my keyboard.

Shipping / Markets / Re: A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: October 17, 2016, 07:50:55 PM »
Another notice would go up on the board; tacked on and baring the crest of House Balestra alongside Eileadora's.

Notice to Capable Sailors and Deckhands, or Elsewise Competent Workers

On Sunday the 30th the Eileadoran Navy will be facing a small shortage of capable crewman for a patrol of the area between two of the western trade lanes. As such Master of Ships Zelanze Balestra is requesting any competent workers to crew The Faithful for a single nights patrol. Baring the unlikely the trip should be uneventful and all hands will be paid the same share any member of the navy would be, as well as receive an invite to eat with the Zelanze Balestra on his own coin.

All interested parties please register for the voyage in the shipping building and be ready to depart late afternoon on the 30th.

Zelanze Balestra; Master of Ships

OOC:: This is a Halloween event involving a ghost ship. The event starts at 4pm est the day before Halloween.

Shipping / Markets / Re: A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: September 23, 2016, 09:19:55 PM »
The first notice from the Master of Ships since the board went up was tacked on, stamped with the House Balestra crest alongside Eileadora's.

Notice to All Capable Combatants, Sailors, and Anyone Trained in Siege Warfare

The Eileadoran Navy is preparing to launch siege efforts on another establishment, to be named upon the launching of vessels, in order to protect local waters and reduce the criminal trade. Anybody who is capable with a weapon, or adept at ship or siege weaponry, is requested to report on the evening of September 29th to the S.S Faithful or any sister ship offering to accompany.

Payment will be in twenty gold, enough coin for a fine weapon or near to a month of time in the inn. Fair exchange for dangerous work."

Zelanze Balestra; Master of Ships

This event is a cooperative rp laying siege to a secret pirate dock and keep in Eileadora's oceans. There will be a dice mechanic in which on every post you attempt to gain ground for the allied forces you roll a 1d4 and on a 3 or 4 the entire team advances. You're free to describe this however you'd like. Slaying a single skilled opponent, slaying several foes, operating cannons or siege weaponry, just made sure to make it fun for your allies! When there have been 10 successful advances, the keep will be reached. 10 more and the allied forces take the keep.
Ground is only lost if a 1 is rolled.

We'll run this at 8pm EST so anyone interested has a chance to arrive.

Q&A / Re: Firearms
« on: September 01, 2016, 12:56:27 AM »
I'm glad you posted that, Wheel Lock is actually what Zel uses and i'm surprised how often I have to explain what it is.

[I'll try to be on all night tonight and tomorrow. Shoot me a /tell and we'll set this up to rp!]

Would of course read over the letter, settled at his desk in the port authority office within he warm, soft glow of a single flame in the late evening. A few moment's pause before he would pull over a parchment of his own and carefully dip the ink; the knight hardly had fancy magics to write back with in kind after all.

Master Tillius,

Certainly i'm eager to help in your efforts, understanding the rift would be the first step in understanding many of the problems that often plague Etla I believe. The Faithful should be ready for regular flight again shortly, most of the refugees we took on during the crisis are returning to homes or other shelters we've been able to supply. The ship will be cleaned and refitted for travel and maneuver soon. Write back to me with an available time and I will make certain she is flight ready then. I recommend some time after the Black Parade.

Zelanze Balestra
Master of Ships
Sealed with the House Balestra Heraldry

[Oh sorry, I hadn't checked the forums in a few days. I'll respond to this sometime today ^-^]

Shipping / Markets / Re: Courier at the Docks
« on: August 07, 2016, 02:53:43 PM »
Zelanze would take the letter from the courier, reading it for a moment right there on the docks before offering a nod and dismissing the young man with his usual warm smile. Settling in to a seat in the port authority office he would carefully ink his pen to respond;

Councilmen @Takurasho Dralt,

The Navy and Docks certainly appreciate your generous donation, especially in what is still a time of some repairs after the storms and recent chaos. Of course i'd be happy to help you aquire two vessels, just as much as a friend as a council member if you'd not mind the title. I shall make myself available unto you any time in this following week that is best for you, simply allow for a day or two's notice so I can clear my schedule of any currently penned in works.

Zelanze Balestra
Master of Ships

OOC: This post serves to explain the functioning of the docks and the local authority over them both as a reference for the greater legality of the dream and for those who wish to understand the exact process they go through when docking here. By claiming your ship is docked in the dream it is to be assumed that you went through the outlined processed.

It should be noted that the Navy, as of now, is a primarily NPC force due to how stretched the dream populace already is among multiple groups. If you have an express wish to join the Navy you are welcome to send a message to Zelanze Balestra in game, but I will not be actively recruiting.

Port Authority

The Port Authority oversees all new arrivals as well as ongoing shipping processes and any constructions or disputes at dock. New ships docking at Eileadora will have their captains escorted to the Port Authority office where they will turn over all records of their ship to be copies. The most important of which would be:

Ship Name
Ship Captain and Officers
Ship Descriptors(Class, Weight, Size, Propulsion, Dimensions, Etc)
Ship Allegiance (House, Nation, or Business)
Ship Armaments And Loadout
Detailed Crew Roster
Current Cargo

An officer will do a once over of the ship and cargo and then the records will be turned over to the royal records in the castle.

The Navy
The Navy is a separate entity from the Port Authority and consists of Eileadora's sea worthy force. Presently the Naval Police are a part of this singular group as well. The Navy is responsible for enforcing maritime law around Eileadora along the newly mapped jurisdiction lines which consists of all immediate waters around the island and secured trade lines.

Presently the Navy is on high alert in Northern waters in conjunction with it's anti piracy campaign. If you break the law in the waters surrounding the Island's northern half you will very likely be greeted with a Navy ship.

Checkpoints and Contraband

Both in response to the increase in slave trade activity, and as part of it's anti piracy campaign, a Naval checkpoint awaits at the crescent entranceway of the island before the docks. This checkpoints checks ships, leaving and arriving, for contraband and human/furre cargo. The checkpoint itself consists of two naval ships and a small boarding force that investigates ships that are not yet on a trusted status. Due to these checkpoints, slaving activity becomes much more difficult

Important NPCs
(To Be Finished)

Zelanze would be out and about throughout the day on his daily walks and note the odd events of posters going up and down all throughout the day, though he had no horse in that race. Rather, being the polite fellow he was, he would help the various workers in their tasks. Certainly it did strike him as odd how he would help some fellow put up a magically enchanted poster in the morning and then help some other military fellow rip the same poster down without ill effects in the evening. All the same, however, he was just happy to help.

He did notice the comical event finally come to it's end at some point however and thus he would, almost hesitantly, return to the tedious job of fixing a years worth of port authority absence. Ah well.

Shipping / Markets / A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:20:33 AM »
Over the last month the port would be brought back to life in a way that it has no doubt been lacking for near to a year. With an actively overseen port authority and proper crew listings and deckhand orders there would be an orderly presence that would encourage not only trade but free travel to and from the Eileadoran dock.

The biggest and most notable addition, however, is a Journeyman's job board. These boards are not uncommon across the land and are usually full of postings by Ship or Caravan Captain's looking for people to fill ranks on a ship, caravan, or expedition in general. A symbiotic relationship for adventurers since it allows travelers to essentially reach their destinations free of charge, nay, being paid for their services while also allowing Ship Captain's to cheaply and effectively crew vessels. It also offers honest work for those with seafaring experience.

The board would also have a section for advertising of any sort and a separate section from the Master of Ship's himself to recruit capable people for any upcoming campaigns at sea.

OOC: I use this thread to post notifications for RP plots I set up fairly regularly. You're also welcome to post your own notifications.

Continuity Knowledgebase / Re: This is not Furcadia canon
« on: May 05, 2016, 12:17:10 PM »
The only question I have regarding Etla's canon then is the geography of the Dragonlands. For example, according to the furc map the nearest port is Port Lathora of of Kasuria, and I was planning on setting up an rp that involves it (namely negotiating trade to there).

I always thought the primes and Furc's world origin story were kinda silly just if I'm being honest.

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