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Character Sheets / Xanthic
« on: February 17, 2016, 03:44:52 PM »
Hello;  I've recently migrated from Yveridia to here bringing my fabulous business and family to this dream instead.  Xan is a two decade old character on Furcadia and has had a lot of time and effort put into him over the years.

I invite everyone to ask me for role-play, and to check out my site!

A little about my previous experience: 

I've been an active member of Furcadia since it's early days when it was all crooked and new.  I've experienced RP'ing great wars, epic plots, and loads of drama as many others have.  I have an extensive D&D background as well.  Which allows me to draw from.

Why I'd like to join:

Well at this point, because I've been a member of the group for so long that I thought this whole application thing had been over and done with.  Hum.  I love Eileadora and it's people.  It's a fun place to role-play and I hope to enjoy many years here.

Furcadia Name: Xanthic
Character Name: Xanthic ( Xanthos Theoric )
Aliases: Xan, Xanny.
Species:  Ethereal Parasite.
Subspecies/Race/Class:  Seraphic Host
Age:  Unknown at this point, very very very old.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Fur/Skin Color: Pale white
Hair Color/Style: Silver
Eye Color: Mercury, uses glasses to appear sapphire.
Markings/Scars:  None
Appendages:  Arms, hands, feet, legs, head, bits'n'bobs, two pairs of wings.

Demeanor:  Somewhat aloof, though determined and occasionally coming across as arrogant.  Though his heart is in the right place.
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Profession:  Patriarch of House Theoric, Magus at Sairon, Court Clerk, tinkerer in Magitek, artificier, mage.
Resistances: Magic
Weaknesses: Physical, Psionics.
Phobias:  Psionics, being alone.

Statistics: ( Hard for me to numerically place, so instead I'm reordering them in the order of his strongest trait to weakest. )
Intelligence (INT), Wisdom (WIS), Dexterity (DEX), Charisma (CHA), Strength (STR), Constitution (CON)

- Lux - Two headed mace, interlocks to be a staff, amplifies magical charge.
- Quills - Poisoned tips, various effects.
- Bandersnatch - Unique fire-arm.
- Uses a unique set of armor based around deflection and mobility.
- Magic, he's quite adept at magic and it's used naturally.
- Flight, wings = flying.

- Tinkering
- Physical fighting specialized around his chosen weapons.
- Magitek
- Biomancy

(Furcadia Description)
(17:23:08) > Elegant and regal, two pairs of wings stretched out from his back easily mistaken for the noble Seraphic creature he appeared to be.  Attire was nothing short of glorious, the latest wardrobe something to be appreciated.  Solemn mask covered face now, hiding not appearance for most knew his face but instead to hide expression and something else.  Long overcoat with sapphire colored trim, dress shirt, pants, and boots.  He was dressed to impress with full regalia.  Male was confident and bold, often coming across as a touch arrogant though this was far from the truth.  New clothes, and new look.  Same old demons to battle.  Ornate House Theoric (URL: signet ring worn on left ring-finger.

Any other pertinent info:
Sorry it took me so long to fill this all out.  Hope it's appealing enough.
PLEASE VISIT HIS SITE, it explains things in much greater detail.

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