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Character Sheets / Zuri Arata [main]
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:49:15 AM »
Since I no longer play the one character I had actually done a sheet for, Geraint, figured I should get around to getting one done for Zuri here. And old character I brought back out of retirement last ear and slowly have been reworking on. Going to be getting one for Callister (finally) up soon, too, since I'm going to try and start to be more active again.

Have you previously submitted an application/character sheet which has been approved? Yes

Basics / Biography Data
Furcadia Name: Zuri Arata
Character Name (if different):
Species: King Cheetah
Age: 33 (might be a few years older, time/world hopping is a bitch).
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6" [198 cm]
Weight: 256 lbs [116 kg]
Build: Muscular, heavily built, mesomorph
Fur/Skin Color: Short and black.
Hair Color/Style: Black, kept long and in dreadlocks held by a leather band.
Eye Color: Gold.
Markings/Scars: Gun-metal gray splotches across his body, sometimes forming stripes. Typical cheetah patterns on face.
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Primary Class: Other: Fighter - Monk.
Profession: Jack of all trades handyman, former arena and pit fighter.
Appearance (Furcadia Description): King Cheetah of unique coloration; his fur is a canvas of pitch black marred by splotchy markings of gun-metal grey. Gifted with a tall, muscular and deep cut physique, he presents himself with confident bearings and an always present smile. Eyes of vibrant gold that almost smolder; a bright, predatorial gaze that seems to peer through. Long dreadlocked mane pulled back and kept in place with a leather band; ever-there bandana of black and gold tied around his head, letting a few errant dreads frame his features. A waist length fur-trimmed leather coat covers his oft barred chest, left open just enough to show off a necklace with a glowing blue bauble and a set of wooden prayer beads. Cloth pants are barely visibly behind a leather wrap, kept in place by a belt with a tsuba-turned-buckle. Matching leather to the wrap is used for a pair of finger-cut gloves and heavy boots.

Demeanor: Typically cheerful, adventurous, and eccentric. Almost always smiling, willing to joke around, and has no problem firing back with plenty of sass. Can be rather protective and territorial, however.
Likes: First and foremost: his children. Loves a good fight and training for them, hand-to-hand combat. Besides those: learning new skills, anything related to tea, cooking, and really likes to sing. You've been warned.
Dislikes: Slavery, Eldritch things -- that's pretty much it.
Phobias (if any): Losing his loved ones, smelling salts.
Alignment: True Neutral (Undecided or Balanced)
Description: This can mean either of two things, depending on whether the character is actively or passively neutral.Active neutrals (the Balanced type) are very rare. They are philosophically committed to maintaining the Balance, and will tend to join every fight on the losing side. Passive neutrals (the Undecided type) are somewhere in the middle on both the Good-Evil and Law-Chaos axes. The passive neutral alignment can also apply to creatures with no moral sense such as animals. Example: Zen masters (Balanced), animals (Undecided).
Cribnote: I'm not getting involved / All things must be in balance.

Strength (STR): High
Dexterity (DEX): Medium
Constitution (CON): High
Intelligence (INT): Medium
Wisdom (WIS): Medium
Charisma (CHA): Medium-High
Overall Evaluation: (85) Hercules

(Strengths / Resistances) / Weaknesses
Strengths / Resistances: Strong, extremely durable, well-versed in combat, and has great willpower. Expert hand to hand fighter. Partially absorbs electric magic and other sources.
Weaknesses: Sometimes theatrical and single minded in fights, especially if there is a crowd. Tends to be a self destructive, relying on his 'ability' to take damage. No skill with ranged weapons or most weapons in general, prefers hand to hand exclusively.

  • Weapon: Prayer Beads
    Description: Almost always worn now-a-days. Once belonged to a monk he once fought in an arena tournament. While Zuri didn't win that fight, they became friends, and he learned a great deal. As a result of injuries suffered later on, the monk passed, and Zuri was gifted his prayer beads as a last request. Long cord, numerous large sandalwood beads, with a single metallic one at it's center. Enhances meditation and concentration, as well as helping draw forth 'inner power'. Unique properties: When gripped by both hands, and held with the knuckles of both hands touching, the beads turn into a pair of cestus, complete with small metal spikes about the back of hand and knuckles. If holding something extra activating the cestus form, they can take on characteristics of what's being held. [1 prep transformation]
  • Weapon: Vaeros
    Description: A set of armor gauntlets and greaves, made of tarnished Brass dragon scales. Named after the turned feral and corrupted Adult Brass dragon he once had to kill (with help at first, but was split up and had to finish it off alone), whose scales were used to craft these items. They are only used on extremely rare occasions, when their power is absolutely necessary. They're inhabited by the soul of the once forcefully corrupted dragon now, and Zuri believes that she (yes, a she) deserves the rest after what happened. Aaand... she's a bit abrasive. Grants increased strength, vitality, and the ability to conjure and command certain fire spells. For Zuri however, due to his nature, they become electricity imbued, granting him the ability to conjure a Lightning Lash, a whip-like tendril of lightning instead of all the fiery bits. Causes the dragon's soul pain, so also only used with it's permission.
  • Weapon: Nagamaki
    Description: Besides sentimental value, nothing special besides the rarity of the blade. Nearly as tall as him, with a three foot blade and a three foot handle. Used as a mixture between a katana and naginata, against large opponents and calvary. However, Zuri really only knows the basics of it's use, and it's a heirloom that was passed down from his adoptive father. One of the few items that made the world-jump with him.
  • Armor: His Coat
    Description: Thick leather and waist length, appears ordinary from the outside and it's movement. However, it's extremely heavy, due to the many small, rectangular steel plates inside, kept together by chainmaille in order to keep it's flexibility.
  • Armor: Leather boots
    Description: Just custom leather boots, but with an added steel toe for protection. And kicking.
Trinkets / Items (owned or worn):
  • Item: Bandana.
    Description: Never seen without a bandana tied around his forehead, unless it's a special occasion or ceremony, and even then he'll try to find one that fits in. Has a collection of them, honestly, as well as several gifts, and ones worn for different reason. Tends to gravitate towards ones with designs of black and gold, since he believes they look better on him.
  • Item: Necklace from Riley
    Description: A beautiful piece with a glowing white bauble, glows at a constant rate unless he wills it.
  • Item: Tail Bands
    Description: [I rarely ever describe these, but he almost always wears them.] A air of leather bands with Celtic designs on them, from an old friend years ago. Originally meant as bracelets, they were too small for him, so he found a new use. Decorative adornments for his tail, one is worn closer to the base, and the other near the end.

Natural Abilities
  • Ability: 'The Spirit of Battle' - 'Sigil of the Ring.'
    Description: [Some of this is just old plot points, and probably won't be referenced again, like the endless sea of power nonsense.] 'Qi', 'chi', 'ki', 'prana', 'breath.' What ever you like to call it, is an energy that Zuri is able to tap into, drawing from his very essence and spirit. A vast, almost overwhelming sea of power for him, and sometimes others. He has been hunted for it as some dastardly power source, and the power itself often proved too much for his body and has torn him apart due to it's unrestrained nature. That is until he received a boon for becoming the champion of newly born spirit of combat. This boon being a blessing that limited the energy he could draw, finally allowing him to control the power he already had. This limiter, the Sigil, sometimes appears on his forehead as a simple rune, a circle with a square etched just inside of it. This makes it impossible for him, or anyone else, to misuse the once nearly limitless well of power he had at his fingertips. Also makes it a bit tough to get into his head by most means.
  • Ability: Fisticuffs.
    Description: Despite his experience in hand-to-hand combat now, it first proved quite a natural talent when he was young, and untrained. Over the years he's honed this talent quite sharply, adding to it whenever he can.
  • Ability: Singing.
    Description: Not as impressive as the first two, but it can't be understated. Not only does he like to sing, he's never been trained and is really damn good at it.
Learned Abilities:
  • Ability: Anything Chi related.
    Description: While his source is natural, being able to control it once the limiter as in place was an uphill battle, and one he had to learn on his own. He's developed his own philosophies and techniques, borrowing from multiple cultures and changing them to suit his needs and situation. Over the years, he's become extremely well-versed in drawing out and manipulating chi, for a multitude of applications. Increasing his strength, or durability, bursts of speed, improved eyesight in many ways. When in use, it often takes the form of golden that dance over him, typically along where he is channeling within his body; often serves as a tell-tale of what he might be attempting. [While there is a list of things I could put here, it's not worth it unless someone wants me to. I follow a simple prep system typically in line with the dream's rules, either way.]
  • Ability: Overcharge.
    Description: Again, Chi related, and he discovered this by a happy accident. One point in his life, he got a hold of a ring that controlled lightning itself. While he was in possession of the ring, he realized that his chi taking a sparking appearance was for more than just coincidence. After experimenting with the ring, he found out that his body naturally absorbs electrical energy and turns it into Chi, past what he could draw from his limiter. And though he eventually lost the ring in conflict, this discovered ability remains. [Basically, he's able to shrug off lightning and electrical attacks and after a second or two with minor to moderate damage, and then turn the majority of it into an extra stored prep or two, which if he doesn't use in a few turns could cause actual internal damage due to chi build up.]
  • Ability: Street Wise, Knowledge of Organized Crime.
    Description: Wouldn't expect this one, would you?  Not something he talks about often. Though he didn't often partake in such dubious activities, when you're taken in off the streets and adopted by the Oyabun of a yakuza, you have to learn the ropes to at least get by.
  • Ability: Jack of all Trades.
    Description: Because he didn't subscribe to his adoptive family's criminal antics, he went a different route. Punching, kicking, and tossing folks around for the entertainment for others -- and himself. He was drawn to it. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay the bills when you're young, and he was forced to do - and get good at - all sorts of things to make money to get buy. This has always done, even at times when he hasn't needed secondary jobs. By now, he's got an long list of skills for this resume -- if something needs done, there's a damn good chance he can do it.

RPR Profile (or other website) URL (optional):
Other pertinent info:

Character Sheets / Geraint
« on: December 22, 2015, 01:35:08 AM »
A little about my previous experience:
The beginning of my tale begins in the deep, dark chatrooms of AOL, circa 1995.  In '99, I found the blossoming community of Furcadia, and I've been playing on and off ever since.   I've pretty much done it all at some point during this crazy ride of mine.

Why I'd like to join:
For years now I've been coming the dream whenever I get the urge to hop into some good ol' RP again, but generally life has been rather disallowing of such.  However, I refuse to let life bully me around any longer!  I've always loved the way the dream's progressed over the years, as well as the friendly community of folks that always seem to be around.  So, what better place to try and settle down, and finally commit to RP once again?

Full Name:  Geraint de Cruce
         ( Formerally Slayn Arkwright. )
Aliases:  Slayn, though refuses to go by the name anymore.
Hair: Bright blonde.
Fur/Skin:  Tanned, caramel.
 During his time in the Sacred Order, his body was subject to many tattoos and branding. Holy enchantments, when active they glow with a soft white light.  They're more than likely the only things physically keeping him together.
-Multiple Latin scripts and sigils dot his arms, legs, and midsection.
-Large Enochian sigil above his heart.
-The Sigillum Dei inked between his shoulder blades.
-A large, oddly ornate Crucifix is branded into his left side. Unfading.

Eyes:  Right eye is a vibrant blue, the left is a glinting silver and it's pupil is a tad misshapen on closer inspection, has full vision in it however.
Height:  6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Species: Human.
                (Formerally subspecies of Lion, human half-breed.)
Race: Divine and spiritual Abomination.
Due to an unforeseen misadventure, the combined essence of original Archangels and primordial Demons wrestle with his human and feline blood.  So far, human willpower has won out - but the struggle will be eternal.  Archangel, ancient evil, and the bestial lion however, have emerged as a secondary form combining traits of all three.  He is slowly learning how to control it, but it's tough, since sometimes the conflicted essences don't like to play nice sometimes. 

Alignment:  Neutral Good.
Profession: Gourmet Chef.
Former Holy Knight of the Sacred Order of Contego before it's destruction; Second Seat, "The Ark Knight."  Knight-General of the Order's Second Crusade.  Has actually worked for the Etla guard for a little bit in the past.
Resistances: Fire, Holy and Demonic energies and magic, possession.
Weaknesses: Prone to hefty mood swings, strong mental attacks, and a slowly growing Achilles Complex.
Phobias: Xenophobia, specifically the fear in losing his identity among the conflicting natures inside him.

Strength - Low
Constitution - Medium
Dexterity - High
Agility - Medium
Intelligence - Medium
Wisdom - High

Fortitude - Medium*
Reflex - Medium*
Will - High
*Slightly buffed due to physiology.

- A nameless, two-handed broadsword - Divine in nature; retrieved from the Order's armory as the city was destroyed, used to replace his enchanted sword lost in the battle.  He knows of it's power, but has rarely tapped into it's potential, often only using it as a channel for his own Magic.  It's the last relic he has kept from his life then, as he feels inexplicably  connected to it.  Doesn't often carry it visibly around, however, so it has to be summoned.

-Chef's Knife - He's yet to give the blade a name, but it was a gift from a King he once served as cook for.  Not typically meant to be used for meal preparation, it is a highly ornate  Damascus blade with unique patterns.  Though, while meant more as a status symbol, it's more than capable of outing most typical knives in quality and function.

Armor & Trinkets
-While once in possession of many valuable armors and relics from the Order, he has since abandoned them or even sold them for wealth on his travels, all in an attempt to further distance himself from his life as the Holy Knight.
- Ethereal Physiology, Semi-Immortality: Cannot age, but remains vulnerable to mortal wounds, diseases, and poisons.  Enhanced capabilities overall.
-Holy Fire and Hell Fire manipulation: His combined natures have allowed him a unique gift to channel both the mystic fires of hell, and the holy flames from above.  Each flame has a multitude of uses.  Often not used in conjunction with one another due to sheer strain of contain such conflicting powers.
-His connection with Holy Magic has been limited due to the primordial Demons' essence lingering in him, as it takes the Angelic presence's powers once granted to him to contain it.   He has since been able to learn how to use his newly gained use of both Holy and Hell Fire to cover this loss, however, since it can serve the same purposes.

-The Holy Knight: While he can no longer channel Holy Magic very well, he has great knowledge of spells, enchantments, and techniques that were passed down to him in the Order.   He served as the Order's Master Enchanter as well, before he was promoted to Knight-General.
-Combat: He's highly proficient almost all manor of sword, shield, and spear techniques.  Capable of making impromptu weapons and using them efficiently.   Has also become highly adept in knife work, so much so that they have become one of his preferred weapon.  Well versed in multiple disciplines of warfare and leadership.
-Cooking: His most recent acquisition, in comparison to the rest.  After he abandoned his former life, he came to discover he was actually really good at cooking and preparing food.  Quickly, he came to hone this new skill - and has come to travel far and wide, acting as chef to numerous royal families, dignitaries, and nobility, learning all that he can.  It has been the biggest driving force in his new life, and he's become quite proud of his ability.
Just over 6'1", broad shouldered with an athletic, muscular build.   His tanned flesh nearly caramel in color, contrasting with bright blonde hair left short, meticulously styled.  Eyes seem to shine with an almost unnatural light, the right a bright blue with the left a glittering silver.  Seemed young for a human, mid to early thirties at most.  Clothed in casual, yet fashionable clothes: white silk undershirt and royal blue tie beneath an elegant ebony vest with matching slacks.  Not a single thing out of place, with the exception of an ornate handled chef's knife sheathed on his belt.  It's all topped off by a big, warm smile, almost inviting in nature. 

One last note: Please, be gentle.  :-[

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