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Safe Anchorage Orphanage / A rather macabre gift.
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:15:34 PM »
Out side of the Orphanage little gifts are being left. But they might not be seen as such. Dead rats, mice, other types of small rodents, as well as fish and bugs, mostly of the grub type over the crunchy kind.  Right before the doors. This only happens if no one is around if a guard is set the item is dropped from a height over the path in. 

@Rose @Amena

Character Sheets / Zehera
« on: January 08, 2016, 05:26:15 PM »
A little about my previous experience: I have rped over the years and always enjoy it, Larp, table top, even ferc and some boards. However I do not enjoy the boards as much. Zehera is a new char for me so I am still learning her a little but am enjoying playing. I am confident about a good 4 to 6 line posting style but I can end up using up to the full length allowed by ferc it all depends on the rp. 

Why I'd like to join: I am really enjoying the dream! There are so many friendly people around willing to help you grow as an rper. I have been driven away from ferc in the past by ooc drama, but this dream seems to keep everything ic and welcoming ooc. I can not wait to see if it is as good as it seems to a new player! I also really like the people I have been interacting with and would like to keep doing so!

Furcadia Name: Zehera
Character Name: Has not actually given it out IC but Zehera
Aliases: Sheod Beag-means Little Jewel, Kit, Friend, Hobo-ninja(ok so that one is ooc) Kiddo, Bell, Pela pronounced Pay-la, Bellus- meaning Cute, Piddlepaws, Zara-Wanderer. Spook. Ko-Chan, Dark Fire. (this list is going to get longer as she tells everyone to pick something)
Species: Fennec fox, With a little elf mixed in to have her aging a little slower.
Age: At the moment she appears to be around 8 or 9 for a normal human child development
Gender: Female
Height: With her ears 4', with her ears down closer to 3'1"
Fur/Skin Color: a sandy brown color, modeled after the feral foxes color
Hair Color/Style: Black hair.  At the moment it is so tangled that it has a mat covering the whole of the back of her head
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Markings/Scars:Burn marks on her ears some small scars around her form from lash marks. some slight gradient of the sandy color, lighter on her belly and in her ears. also a little darker around her feet and paws. 
Appendages: Tail and ears?

Demeanor: Timid (subject to change as she grows up)
Alignment: neutral good? (still evolving as she grows up, and may change based on who she rps with)
Profession: Child Beggar
Resistances: Not much at the moment. I would like her to be a mage so maybe a slim chance that she could fight a spell?
Weaknesses: Everything. She is a small child so She can not fight has not learned magic. the one thing she can do is cook simple things
Phobias: Orphanages, She will have a full panic attack and fight to get away from being put back in one. the only thing she will do up to hurting herself to do so is try to escape if put in one.

Strength (STR): Very Low
Dexterity (DEX): Med High
Constitution (CON):Low
Intelligence (INT): med high
Wisdom (WIS): High
Charisma (CHA): med

Weapons None
Armor None
"magic ability -- undiscovered/untrained"
> Ears, The trademark of a Fennec fox are brought low on this Fox, large and hanging low. As much as she would Struggle and have them twitch trying to lift them someone has welded large weights on to them much like earrings to keep her from lifting them up. Her coloring that of a normal Fennec but for the black hair that is matted around her face half hiding this beggar's eyes. Small for her age and even for her race she is about three foot tall maybe a little more 4 with her ears up, Thinner than she should be one can tell from the bones showing she has not eaten well for her young life. Dressed in rags she is at least covered. She would most likely be shivering in the cold as she is a warm weather animal. Her tail that is long and fluffy adding more weight to her is matted as well but used to curl around her toes to keep them warm. The state of her being would make it hard to figure out just what sex she actually is no shape to her body at all. 

Any other pertinent info: Still a child so she might grow and change in rp.

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