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OOC: This post serves to explain the functioning of the docks and the local authority over them both as a reference for the greater legality of the dream and for those who wish to understand the exact process they go through when docking here. By claiming your ship is docked in the dream it is to be assumed that you went through the outlined processed.

It should be noted that the Navy, as of now, is a primarily NPC force due to how stretched the dream populace already is among multiple groups. If you have an express wish to join the Navy you are welcome to send a message to Zelanze Balestra in game, but I will not be actively recruiting.

Port Authority

The Port Authority oversees all new arrivals as well as ongoing shipping processes and any constructions or disputes at dock. New ships docking at Eileadora will have their captains escorted to the Port Authority office where they will turn over all records of their ship to be copies. The most important of which would be:

Ship Name
Ship Captain and Officers
Ship Descriptors(Class, Weight, Size, Propulsion, Dimensions, Etc)
Ship Allegiance (House, Nation, or Business)
Ship Armaments And Loadout
Detailed Crew Roster
Current Cargo

An officer will do a once over of the ship and cargo and then the records will be turned over to the royal records in the castle.

The Navy
The Navy is a separate entity from the Port Authority and consists of Eileadora's sea worthy force. Presently the Naval Police are a part of this singular group as well. The Navy is responsible for enforcing maritime law around Eileadora along the newly mapped jurisdiction lines which consists of all immediate waters around the island and secured trade lines.

Presently the Navy is on high alert in Northern waters in conjunction with it's anti piracy campaign. If you break the law in the waters surrounding the Island's northern half you will very likely be greeted with a Navy ship.

Checkpoints and Contraband

Both in response to the increase in slave trade activity, and as part of it's anti piracy campaign, a Naval checkpoint awaits at the crescent entranceway of the island before the docks. This checkpoints checks ships, leaving and arriving, for contraband and human/furre cargo. The checkpoint itself consists of two naval ships and a small boarding force that investigates ships that are not yet on a trusted status. Due to these checkpoints, slaving activity becomes much more difficult

Important NPCs
(To Be Finished)

Shipping / Markets / A Living Port; The Journeyman Board
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:20:33 AM »
Over the last month the port would be brought back to life in a way that it has no doubt been lacking for near to a year. With an actively overseen port authority and proper crew listings and deckhand orders there would be an orderly presence that would encourage not only trade but free travel to and from the Eileadoran dock.

The biggest and most notable addition, however, is a Journeyman's job board. These boards are not uncommon across the land and are usually full of postings by Ship or Caravan Captain's looking for people to fill ranks on a ship, caravan, or expedition in general. A symbiotic relationship for adventurers since it allows travelers to essentially reach their destinations free of charge, nay, being paid for their services while also allowing Ship Captain's to cheaply and effectively crew vessels. It also offers honest work for those with seafaring experience.

The board would also have a section for advertising of any sort and a separate section from the Master of Ship's himself to recruit capable people for any upcoming campaigns at sea.

OOC: I use this thread to post notifications for RP plots I set up fairly regularly. You're also welcome to post your own notifications.

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