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Character Sheets / Zyla Garthori
« on: May 23, 2016, 09:51:16 PM »
A little about my previous experience: Zyla has been a character I've played on a variety of services, over the course of years. At the current time, it's about ten years at this point, with art only really starting to happen in the last few. I've done a variety of kinds of RP, ranging from combat focused places to big emotional story places, and most everything in between. I do a lot of writing, a lot of overthinking stuff, and play DND in my spare time for RP practice.

Why I'd like to join: I've been Rping around Etla, joined in after stalking some others and being brought in by a friend. I like the place and have met a few friends. I also hope to meet some new ones.

Furcadia Name:  Zyla
Character Name: Zyla, last name Garthori is an adopted name.
Aliases: Red Bandit, Zy, that one fox person
Species: Fox
Subspecies/Race/Class: Garthori fox (homeworld species). If a class chosen, would be Ranger/Psion
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Fur/Skin Color: Fox colors, with green tips on ears and tail. Cobalt blue undertones under close inspection.
Hair Color/Style: Pitch black that shifts towards emerald green at the ends.
Eye Color: Sapphire blue
Markings/Scars: The mentioned green colors. Most scars healed off or hidden by fur
Appendages: Tail. Arms. Legs. Several phalanges. Probably ears.

Demeanor: Varied! There's a short and a longer term attitude for this character. Most have seen her short term; energetic friendly, and just an overall fun person. Sure, she's a bit kiddish in how she acts but seriousness can show up. Even more, she shows a lot of generosity with both her time and resources, busying herself in the act of helping people out. Truly, a friend a friend would like to have. Over time, she slowly loses that energy and starts to withdraw, becoming a lot less energized. Some friends, or all, will be driven away by her seemingly lack of caring. Her fears begin to take over, causing Zyla to attempt to mitigate the relationships she will, inevitably, lose.
Alignment: Also varies. Zyla tends to emulate people she's close to, at least in some morality. This has led to her being more violent or more heroic, depending on person. She also reacts dynamically to things, having her own set of morals she views as pertinent. If one HAD to be chosen, she'd fit more into chaotic neutral; the law doesn't matter much to her, nor does the altruism of saving everyone. She'll help people, if she feels like it, or hurt them. Getting closer to her matters more, plus increases the odds of her caring.
Profession: She's had about five. Huntress, scout, Night Watch member, leatherworker, and short term mercenary.
1. Electrical resistance. Because her player doesn't go into the DND concept of immunity, Zyla is not immune to her own powers. Her body contains multiple redundancies and biological resistances to electrical damage or energy. For example, her fur has a lacing of cobalt in order to increase temperature resistance and electronegativity. Her body can adapt rapidly to changes in sound and light, preventing her from blinding herself or lighting on fire randomly. Finally, she has the ability to regenerate nerves, over time, unlike most animal species.
2. Mild psionic resistance. Due to her being a psionic who can manipulate the physical world, Zyla is slightly difficult to pinpoint with psychic powers. This is an untrained resistance, simply making it require effort to use mind altering or controlling effects on her.
3. Mild demonic/holy resistance. Zyla, being from a dimension that seals itself off, has oddly possessive gods. She doesn't believe in them since they're also lazy jerks who don't help her out. They are defensive over things from their world and have conferred a small amount of resistance to magic of gods and demons from other worlds, though the power of this resistance has diminished over time. It will vanish if she ever accepts another entity as a god, which helps that she's bluntly uncaring towards the concept of divinity.
1. Water. Moisture on her body prevents her access to any of her electrical powers. If she gets too much, at least. She can lose access to her abilities from water balloons to the face, which has in fact happened before.
2. Heavy storms. They mess up her ability to sense the air currents around her, which disorients the fox enough to large amounts of discomfort.
3. Lack of physical strength. While not particularly weak, being about average trained fighter strength, this is actually Zyla's upper limit of physical strength. She's a fast person, and has to work to keep strong.
4. Stabbing. And blunt impact. Or arrows. Evisceration. Immolation, dismemberment, exsanguination, swords, explosions, lasers, meteors, and stabbing. She's entirely mortal and could be killed by any means. Did I mention stabbing?
Phobias: Things under her skin, massive storms, certain kinds of dragons, and losing her friends due to the inevitability of temporal progress.

Statistics: Assumed base stat rolls with no racial modifiers or additional points, max 18 and lowest 3.
Strength (STR): 14. Strong for her race, and above 'average person', but moderately strong.
Dexterity (DEX): 18.  She is very fast, very skilled with her hands, and highly coordinated. She can jump with incredible agility and precision, move quickly and accurately, and do most anything necessary to get from A to B. She's also an archer, sword fighter, and spear thrower.
Constitution (CON): 13. She can take a punch, but prefers to not get a fist in the noggin.
Intelligence (INT): 16. Oddly perceptive and intelligent in certain regards. She actually knows multiple written languages, but none work in Etla or the Furcadian world. She has an innate relative understanding of electricity and such, though not in specifics. Can usually understand what people are doing or build a plan quickly. Refuses to learn languages again. Moderately skilled trainer.
Wisdom (WIS): 8. Emotionally damaged, she's often making strange choices. She will define things based on her weird views of the world and hides herself, plus can act impulsively in less tense situations. The more time you give her, the worse her choices are. She NEEDS pressure.
Charisma (CHA):  14 She's physically attractive enough, plus energetic and outgoing to begin with. Probably takes a negative after a while, when she turns into a bitch. But just look at that fox butt!

Details: Doesn't carry all at once!
-  Sword - Chokuto style blade, straight and single edged. Temper edge is emerald green, confers no real benefit. High quality steel, worn strapped against the back and poking out at her right side, near the hip.
-  Bow - Short bow, more standard quality. Carries a quiver of 24 arrows at any given time.
-  Spear - Wooden haft, three feathers at the connection to the head. Head is oddly light metal. Leftover from home. Do not touch the head or she gets pissy.
- Knife - Strapped to the hip. Kinda like a kukri, usually not used outside of utility.
- Armor - handmade leather clothing. Looks cool, sorta deflects knives. A little. Maybe. Usually more tribal
- Trinkets - necklace with a single gemstone from her homeworld. Silver angel feather. Other ones left outside of Etla.
- Electrokinesis- Zyla's race is entirely capable of electrical manipulation through psionic powers, as well as manipulation of air particles to some degree. Zyla is an electrically focused individual, called a 'projector'. Her abilities allow her to manipulate charges in the air and on nearby objects, drawing them into herself for a variety of effects that have a wide range of effects. Her primary uses involve drawing electricity to create a blast of power from her claw tips to simulate a lightning bolt to manipulating her abilities. Requires concentration and time.
- Aerokinesis - While less developed in Zyla than her electrical powers, Zyla possesses some ability to feel particles of air and sorta kinda manipulate them. Unlike electricity, she has very little in the range of freedom when it comes to manipulating the particles, only having a few more set abilities.
- Crystalmancy - Her fur has green tips, a hint from someone who restored her physical form a long while ago. She has a weaker version of that persons crystal creation, but has no idea of it. The only hint is the emerald temper of her sword. Can't use untrained, probably won't do anything.
- Stuff making - She can make things. Like wood working and leather. Mostly just those, though she can do a tiny bit of metal working (Sharpening) and vague amounts of what sort of is cooking. She's not good at it, but can do it.
- Forestry - She's awesome in the woods. Comes from being in them a lot!
- PARKOUR!! - Though not actually trained in parkour, she can vault and run over things. Grab obstacles, get past them, flip around. She's exceptionally agile, is what I'm trying to say.
At first glance, one would not assume that the fox was too abnormal. A slender and thin body covered in russet and white fur with two eyes, two ears, mouth and tail. Not much to complain about until one looked closer. Her normally white tail tip, black ear tips, and hair tips were all a deep emerald green. Her fur, upon a really close inspection, would actually have a somewhat muted blue color to it, as if there was some sort of imperfection held within those ever growing follicles. Her typical attire was befitting her tribal origin. Handmade leather pants that hugged her hips just right, with green stitching going along the seams and a couple of patches added towards the knees. A green cloth belt hung around her waist, sometimes holding up a blade but often simply hanging free for no observable purpose. The top matched the leggings, tight and handmade. Leather bands with the seemingly uniform green trim wrapped her biceps, leading towards the fairly thick and supple armwarmers. All those clothes change over time, with the single constant being a simple necklace with four semi-precious gems of foreign composition in a red-green-blue-green combination. Her hair was often worn a bit loose, as a shock that hung over her eyes and down the back. Recently, however, she’d begun to cut it shorter, aiming for more of a shorter cut, with a few strings hanging near her eyes.

Any other pertinent info: There's like, tons of info. She's a capable character, but has a LOT of her own problems which hampers her own effectiveness. Also illiterate and knows jack all about the world of Furcadia or Etla.

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