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Character Sheets / Xyomara [Alt]
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:45:08 PM »
Furcadia Name: Xyomara
Character Name: Xyomara Eshe Frost
Species: Tiligon, Dragonborn
Subspecies/Race/Class: Tiger, Lion, Deep dragon, Obsidian dragon, copper dragon
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Height: Growing
Fur Color: White fur with stripes of silver scales, when in feline form.
Hair Color/Style: Long and wavy, different shades of purple and brown.
Dragon Color: Dark copper on the top with purple marble-like scales on her underbelly, flecked and striped with white and black.
Eye Color: Yellow toward the pupil, blue at the edge of each eye.

Alignment: Neutral
Profession: Child
Resistances: Drowning
Weaknesses: Fire
Phobias: None yet

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