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Character Sheets / Re: Fiona McFinney
« on: February 20, 2017, 10:50:37 PM »
Yeah, but I figured to play it safe I'd put her here for approval, heh. x3

Character Sheets / Fiona McFinney
« on: February 20, 2017, 10:42:43 PM »
(Yes, I know technically I don't need to post an alt here, but Fiona does have abilities that I feel like people will need to make sure they're alright)

Furcadia Name: Fiona McFinney
Character Name: Fiona Lynn McFinney
Aliases: Finn MacEnnis
Species: Hare
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Fur Color: Dark Tan with cream spote
Hair Color/Style: Strawberry dirty blonde, ponytail to shoulders
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Markings/Scars: One scar on her back, from just above left hip to just below right shoulder blade

Demeanor: General - Keeps her back to a wall, is quite vulgar, short-tempered and lacks a filter, even where one would be pertinent.
To People - At first, she is cold, distant, and honestly a little bit mean. With time, patience and alcohol, she can become friendly, warm, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more loyal friend.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Street fighter
Resistances: Taunting - While most people would become distracted in their frustration and anger from people deliberately trying to piss them off, Fiona instead gets an odd kind of focus; She will be able to keep her eyes and mind on her opponent, but it tends to have to be a single person.
Weaknesses: Groups - Fi does best with one-on-one fights, finding it hard to focus between two or more people at the same time.
Impulsiveness - She tends to rush in headfirst without thinking things through.
Phobias: Instinctual fear of heights, manageable; Mild PTSD regarding knives, better than it used to be.

Strength (STR): Average - Fi is stronger than she looks, her legs especially are typical for a bunny, but she's certainly not Wonder Woman by any stretch.
Dexterity (DEX): Above Average - She has very good reflexes, her running speed is quite high, and her balance is quite good, able to do pushups while in a handstand. Damaging her ears would mess her up quite a bit.
Constitution (CON): Average - She can take more hits than one might expect, if she really pushes herself, but really, a couple good thumps will put her down.
Intelligence (INT): Average - She's certainly not a genius, and she has more street smarts than book smarts.
Wisdom (WIS): Above Average - She's got quite a lot of determination and willpower, her hard head getting her into trouble just as much as it has gotten her out.
Charisma (CHA): Below Average - With her first impression of being quite a bitch, she can have a difficult time making friends, but those that stick with her would find a warm, if still very angry, person.

- Brass Knuckles - Whenever something really needs to feel it when she punches. She keeps these in her vest pockets for ease of access.
- Flintlock Pistol - she keeps this inside a shoulder holster under her vest for when things are very dire. Rarely used, and is entirely too inaccurate outside of mid-range.
- High Jump - If she really pushes herself, she can jump quite high, nearly ten feet, though it leaves her quite sore.
- Ki Aura - Fiona has learned to tap into her Ki in order to fight more effectively. Fi's Ki manifests itself as an aura of bright red flames, which gives the appearance that her fists or arms are on fire. Her left eye also tends to glow orange when she's tapping into her abilities. These abilities drain her energy very quickly, and overuse will very easily make her pass out.
 - Ki Strike - Her strikes hit harder than they did with her bare hands, offering a little bit of protection from physical attacks. Her Ki does not affect her physical strength. When she taps into her Aura, Strike is the default that comes up. (One turn prep for Ki Strike, which remains "equipped" until her energy runs out)
 - Ki Shield - By focusing her Aura, it becomes more solid, giving up the stronger strikes for higher defense, allowing her to deflect blows from bladed weapons like armor. (One turn prep from Aura to Shield
 - Ki Burst - Like with Shield, she focuses her Ki into her forearms, then thrusts her palms forward, "throwing" the Ki at an opponent in a short- to mid-range shockwave. One-handed is a foot from her palm, but both hands gives her three feet of distance with a five-foot wide cone. This attack tends to be telegraphed, so she tends to use it in an attempt to surprise an opponent.
 - Ki Siphon - Fi can use her Ki and "siphon" it into an object, usually a blunt instrument, making that object hit harder. For now, she can only imbue wooden objects with her Ki, such as a stick or a pole, making them brittle and only good for a couple of hits before breaking and becoming useless.
 - Note - Fi is not a master with her Ki. She is still learning and gaining new abilities as she goes, and her Ki puts massive strain on her body if overused.

(Will add FurC desc later)

Any other pertinent info:

Character Sheets / Re: Liam Laca
« on: December 21, 2016, 04:19:14 PM »
I've been RPing with Liam for a while now. Honestly, I want to RP with him more, to learn more about the character, because he's just so much fun. I believe his teleportation is fair and in battle it really serves as an evasive maneuver if he's able to see the attack coming and his reflexes allow for it, just like any other dodge by literally anyone else.

I personally believe Liam's player to be perfectly fair with his character's abilities. ^_^

Character Sheets / [ALT] Isaac Coughlan
« on: August 04, 2016, 10:03:06 PM »
Furcadia Name: Isaac Coughlan
Aliases: (None Yet)
Species: Undead Furre
Subspecies: Mule
Age: 26 upon death, undead for 23; 49 in total
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Fur Color: Brownish-green
Hair Color/Style: Sickly green, short
Eye Color: Right eye cloudy blue, left eye missing, socket sometimes glows green
Scars: The flesh a good chunk of his left-side torso is missing - more or less making a 'window' through his ribs into his empty chest cavity - as well as his left arm, left side of his face, left eye, and part of his left ear, leaving only bones and tendons visible through a transparent green outline of 'ghost flesh'.
Appendages: Arms, legs, and tail are all mostly intact

Demeanor: Dry-witted, but overall fairly mellow and mild-mannered
Alignment: Chaotic Good - Does not try to get into the politics of the places he goes to, but when push comes to shove, he will do what he believes is the right thing.
Profession: Unemployed - Explorer
Resistances: Immune to gaseous poisons and smoke, as he does not need to breathe; High pain threshold and resistant to conventional bodily trauma (Though these only go so far)
Weaknesses: Fire is the most obvious way to "kill" him, as it does the most damage to his body, sometimes permanently if he's unlucky; Ice and cold lock up his joints and makes him even slower than he already is; Holy and Light-based magic has a similar effect to fire, though much more effectively - even Holy-based healing magic will hurt him; He is very slow, the epitome of "Stone Wall".
Phobias: Fire

Strength (STR): Average - He is no stronger or weaker than the average male his size
Dexterity (DEX): Below Average - His motor skills and reflexes are decent, as he is able to wield his Huatar effectively due to years of practice and training, but he is quite slow, taking the "stone wall" approach in combat.
Constitution (CON): Very High - Being undead, he can take a lot of punishment, but that's about the most outstanding thing about him, combat-wise.
Intelligence (INT): Average - While he loves to read and learn, he's not really a genius by any sense of the word
Wisdom (WIS): Average - He likes to think he's a decent judge of character, but otherwise there isn't anything to write home about.
Charisma (CHA): Below Average - His rather fearsome appearance will probably not win him any favors in the short term, though perhaps if people get to know him he'd be able to make friends.

- Huatar - A five-and-a-half-foot long pole with spiked balls on each end.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

- Regeneration - Unless completely pulverized or disintegrated, Isaac can bounce back from most conventional injuries, including decapitation and dismemberment, as long as the missing parts are reattached; The healing process for these can take up to two weeks, while something as simple as a cut can take several hours.
(You see Isaac Coughlan.)
> ...Or at least, that was the name on the headstone when he was dug out of the ground. The six-and-a-half foot tall mule had a fearsome appearance: His left arm had decayed, leaving only bones and tendons, but there was a light green outline forming where his flesh used to be. The flesh on the left side of his face was also gone, a black hole where his left eye used to be housing a dim green glowing orb that moved with his right blue eye. Fur was a dirty brown, as if his time underground had permanently stained his body.

Any other pertinent info

Character Sheets / Windthor Pryas
« on: June 10, 2016, 10:40:31 PM »
Experience: I've been RPing on FurC and other such sites on and off for roughly ten years. Windthor in particular has been my character for almost fifteen, back when I was eight and creating Balto fanfictions. He's gone through a lot of revisions and reboots over the years, but he's more or less the same guy.

Furcadia Name: Windthor Pryas
Aliases: Windy, Leon, White Knight, Lightning Puncher
Species: Furre
Subspecies: Dragon/Husky Hyvrid
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Fur Color: White
Hair Color/Style: White, braided, long enough to reach his belt
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Markings: Black patches of scales on his elbows, knees, and the first two fingers on his right hand; Black spot around his left eye
Scars: Three scars on his stomach crossed just above his navel
Appendages: Wings

Demeanor: Friendly and polite, desires to help people when he thinks they need it
Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Head Guard of House Balestra; Sergeant Major of the Etlan Forces
Resistances: Fire - It'll still hurt him and burn away fur; Magic - Being half-dragon gives him resistance to most magic, but not immunity; His skin is tough and leathery under his fur, which makes him resistant, but not immune, to sharp and blunt-force trauma.
Weaknesses: Relatively slow; Tends to overthink things
Phobias: Strong fear of scorpions (Arachnophobia); Near-crippling fear of enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia)

Strength (STR): Above Average - Dense muscles coming from being half-dragon means that he's stronger than he appears, and he already appears quite strong. (He's normally holding back; Under times of stress and anger he holds back less and he can literally break someone in half crush their skull with his bare hands)
Dexterity (DEX): Above Average - While not extremely coordinated, Windy's reflexes and instincts have saved his life on several occasions, when he allows them to take over. He's decent at improvising when things aren't exactly going his way, when he's not overthinking things.
Constitution (CON): High - Being half-dragon gives him tough and leathery skin, making him able to take punches and strikes in a bit more stride than most, though he only has so much resistance.
Intelligence (INT): Average - Not a genius by any means, but also not dumb. He tends to overthink things.
Wisdom (WIS): Above Average - He's good at reading people, and often gets "Feelings" that can nag and bother him until he gets to the bottom of them.
Charisma (CHA): Above Average - Physically, he's tall and can be considered traditionally handsome. He is confident, can have a siver tongue when needed and is also very friendly and kind almost to a fault.

- Fists - Good 'ol fisticuffs, sometimes with gauntlets, but bare knuckles have served him the best over the years
- Claymore - A gift; Given to him several years ago, the sword is forged with layers of silver, and enchanted with holy magic; Mostly used for monsters and demons with weakness to silver and holy magic, rarely for any other reason
- Reforged Dagger - Earned after beating the best swordsman of a rival noble House; The dagger was once a broken sword belonging to the Head of the House's father, reforged by Kodachrome to give it an edge
- Etlan Forces Uniform - With chainmail underneath, his House's arm vambraces, and helmetless.
- Necklace - A necklace with a dragon half-moon pendant.
Abilities: Windy doesn't have any special abilities beyond punching.

The wings would probably be the most noticeable feature about Windthor; Beyond that, he is tall with dense, compact muscles giving him obvious strength. His dark blue eyes are friendly and happy, and his hands, while large and strong, are soft and gentle. Recently the hybrid would be seen in a uniform, or at least from the waist down, since he currently didn't have a custom-tailored top for it. Still, the insignia identifying him as Sergeant Major for the Etlan Forces should be effective enough. He was also still wearing his vambraces to indicate his loyalty to the Balestra House.

Any other pertinent info
Soapbox Sadie - He has a lot of opinions and has, on more than one occasion, stepped up and delivered speeches on things that he personally sees as "A giant pile of bullshit". While not generally vulgar, he is very passionate when it comes to what he may see as injustice.

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