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Character Sheets / Re: Vuori
« on: November 28, 2016, 07:27:39 PM »
Haha, I suppose.   Sometimes she brings it up more... conversationally.   A vision of someone on a sinking ship she might be like, "Do you like to travel? Have any trips planned soon?" "Oh yes, I'm going on vacation with my family!/Unfortunately." "You know, I heard the weather is going to be horrible.  Don't go.  It'll probably be a REALLY bad time."

If someone seeks her out as an oracle she usually does a bit more of a show.

Character Sheets / Re: Vuori
« on: November 28, 2016, 01:26:51 PM »
I often leave that up to those involved.  For instance, if a dream-wide plot was planned for next month, or something and whoever was hosting it was interested in giving people a little foresight into it, Vuori could be employed in a more organic, IC way, to provide some foreshadowing, or as a way for people to prepare.  Otherwise, if something was posted here, I wouldn't take OOC information to IC without permission.

On a more personal basis, if a player is open to her having premonitions, we usually come to some sort of vague interpretation of something that will happen to the other character and she interprets it in whatever way she sees fit.  I have  had instances where a player doesn't have anything in mind, or is looking for plot for their character  and the premonition is left up to me, which usually ends up being somewhat open-ended, but can be guided along with subsequent visits to her. 

Character Sheets / Vuori
« on: November 27, 2016, 11:06:31 PM »
A little about my previous experience: I actually filled this out without actually being logged in... So apparently the other application is in cyberspace somewhere. ANYWAY.  This will be an approximation of the last one. Hopefully it'll be close. :| FML. I've been Roleplaying from between 12 and 14 years and have experience on forums as well as more real-time Roleplay like Furcadia. For the past ten or so years I've been RPing in TGT on Furcadia under a variety of characters (One being Capitan, actually).

Why I'd like to join: Eileadora has one of the richest continuities and playerbase that I've come across in my time roleplaying.  The characters are diverse, the dream is beautiful and as I've already been playing here for a few weeks (months?) I would really like to continue to contribute and be able to do so more in-depth.

Furcadia Name: Vuori
Character Name: Vuori
Aliases: None, yet.
Species: Apparently human.
Subspecies/Race/Class: Through some experimentation and accidental alchemical outcomes, Vuori's DNA and Spirit have become fused with that of a Crow. 
Age: Several hundred years.
Gender: Decidedly female.
Height: 6'
Fur/Skin Color: Ruddy brown.
Hair Color/Style: Her hair is a cool white with a sort of luminescence to it (I have referred to it as "spidersilk") and is partially in dreadlocks and wild curls.   She sometimes piles it on top of her head, but usually just lets it float around crazily. She has science to do.  There is no time for hair styles.
Eye Color: Grey, but uncommonly shifts at will.
Markings/Scars: Vuori is covered in somewhat henna-like tattoos done in white ink, from her face to her fingers and toes.
Appendages: Your run of the mill arms and legs.

Demeanor: In general, Vuori is a kind and generous person.  There are veins of darkness that plague her personality, however, often making her uncertain of how to behave in certain, sometimes important situations.  This often leads to her not reacting at all.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Profession: Alchemist, oracle, purveyor of perfumes and sweets. She also sells poisons and more unseemly potions and hexes. Apparently a specialist seamstress.  Fancy undergarments.
Resistances: It takes quite a lot to kill Vuori, she won't be permanently killed in any case. 
Weaknesses: Sleep deprivation seems to affect her in a more extreme way than usual.
Phobias: Open water. Oceans, particularly.  She doesn't mind lakes -as- much, if they're small.

Strength (STR):8
Dexterity (DEX):5
Constitution (CON):7
Intelligence (INT):9
Wisdom (WIS):8
Charisma (CHA):5

Vuori carries no weapons.
- Vuori wears no armor, but instead chooses to wear simple clothes.  Sometimes she wears a leather apron when doing SCIENCE.
- At any given time, Vuori can be found in the possession of a variety of small bottles, papers, quills and inks and small food items.
- Premonitions - Vuori sees visions of fates and futures.  Irregularly she can call upon them at will, but they tend to come when she has some insight to a person's life.
- Can sense/attract death - Due to her above premonitions she is a beacon to the fate and often attracts the dead and dying and can sense when a death may soon occur, though not with such accuracy that she can always pinpoint the victim.
- Crow form-   Vuori is able to transform into a feral crow, as well as isolate parts of her body during transformation, resulting a variety of "harpy-like" forms.  Leaves her hands to wander around freely
- Teleportation - Vuori tends to appear and disappear without a trace. This is limited to whatever land-mass she is on and typically only a ten or so mile radius, if that.    This isn't something she can do on a dime, so is usually only used as a way for her to enter/exit a scene. Were it to be used in battle, the amount of preps used is directly related to how far away she teleports.  Less than a mile away uses two preps, additional preps being used in increments of five any further away (1-5, being 3 preps, 5-10, 4 preps, etc.)
- Magical Enchanting things -- She can make magical potions and so on and imbue powers and so on and so fourth.
> She's a black magic woman --   A formidable figure often swathed in leather and dark, heavy fabrics.  Fond of crow and cock's feathers, it was anyone's guess if they were simply for decoration or for dangerous curses.  Dusky skin was complimented here and there by delicate, white tattoos that suggested she was more feminine in another life.  Silver piercings glinted in her nose, lips and ears, where lobes were stretched around ivory spikes.  It was unusual for that stoic expression to be broken, but this mysterious, silver-haired oracle could make even the strongest of warriors go weak with a simple smile.  Whether or not it was because she was just that charming, or if it had something to do with her svelte figure was up for debate.   Chances were, it was something much, much more sinister. --And she's trying to make a devil out of me.

Any other pertinent info: Vuori has successfully purified her soul! Yay.

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