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on: April 23, 2015, 05:42:16 PM
The following are sort of some side notes of how life in Eileadora would ideally be. Your character is not required to follow any of this, but where it might cause your character to be arrested, etc., it is noted.

1) Watchmen/Guards:  Typically, there are NPC guards throughout the city. They would most frequent areas around businesses and noble's homes. There would also be watchmen posted around the limits of the city, though coverage is spotty in/near the woods as the watchtowers are posted further out to watch for poachers also. The guards within the castle walls are either city guards or the Queen's Bloodsworn (or Royal Guard).  The Bloodsworn would be equivalent to a modern secret service.  If you look shady, they'll most likely stop you. If you go barging into the throne room with a group of buddies carrying weapons, they'll most likely stop you.  If you make a threat upon the Queen or the Council, they'll most likely throw you in a pretty little cell. I do try to keep the Bloodsworn to PC positions, with minimal NPC usage.

2) Castle Access:  Nobles are typically invited to court and have nearly free range of Nightwell Castle, as do other officials (Council, Bloodsworn, military, etc). Being allowed entry to the throne room to speak with the Queen and/or Council will only happen if you've been summoned, have requested an audience and been granted access, or if the Queen or Council is holding an open session. On the lower levels of the castle; the courtyard, library, records room, grand foyer and arenas are generally open to the public, though guarded. Access is granted through the great hall to access the cathedral but is otherwise only open to the general masses on certain occasions. The kitchen and castle cellars are off limits. The staircases to the upper levels of the castle are blocked to anyone below a noble rank by guards. The upper levels contain bed chambers for the Queen, Council, royal guard, diplomats and other royal guests. Along with the throne room, war room, and other official meeting halls.

3) Respect your Elders!:  Alongside the Queen is the Council. These are either respected 'elders' of the community [IE, those that have been in the continuity for a very long time] or elected officials. The Council advises the Queen on all matters for the betterment of the land and the people. They would be the highest ranking officials, under the Queen herself and would demand the respect of such. An assault against the Council or a member would be viewed as an assault against the Queen.

4) Rights of the Citizens:  In a medieval city, those who lived outside the castle, and even most of those inside, had very few rights.  The king/duke/whatever's word was law and you couldn't do much of anything about it.  Here, however, members of the High Council (aside from long-standing Elders) are elected in place by the people. They are meant to advise the Queen on what is best for the people and the nation. If the people feel a sitting council member does not have the best interests of the people or the nation at heart, they may challenge them (even an Elder) and request a reelection for the position. The current member would run again alongside whomever the people nominate.

And to go along with that...

5) Women's rights:  Typically, if we were playing totally realistically to the time period, women wouldn't have any rights.  They were the property of their fathers or husbands.  However! Things are a little different in Eileadora. The Reigning Queen has always been the most powerful individual. Even in marriage, the king would take the queens last name and rule alongside her.  There are many powerful and influential women throughout Eileadora and always have been. This doesn't mean men are lower ranking than women, merely that it is a more equal society.

6) Sanitation: Another spot we're bending things from a true medieval era (luckily), is Eilea's water filtration system. Fresh water is supplied throughout the city and waste removed, all powered by crystal tech. Noble homes and upper class businesses would have easy access to running water and sanitation. Lower class homes and shops might have to use a well and outhouse.

7) Technology: Eileadora has some major advancements over medieval life, thanks to advancements through magically charged crystals. Some of these technologies include powered lamps, the above mentioned water system, lifts, and airships, among others. If you can 'invent' something that would aid in Eileadora's development, then by all means. introduce it and we can work out how it could be made possible.
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