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on: October 10, 2018, 12:21:15 AM
Fabrics by the Yard

Undyed Fabrics
Wool, rough woven: 1 Copper/Yard
Wool, fine woven: 3 Copper/Yard
Linen: 4 Copper/Yard
Hemp: 1 Copper/Yard
Silk: 1 Gold/Yard

Dyed Fabrics
Disclaimer: Dyed wool only available in fine woven variety.
Wool, Woad or without mordant: 5 Copper/Yard
Wool with mordant, short dye: 1 Silver/Yard
Wool with mordant, long dye: 3 Silver/Yard
Linen, Woad or without mordant: 7 Copper/Yard
Linen with mordant, short dye: 2 Silver/Yard
Linen with mordant, long dye: 5 Silver/Yard
Silk Woad: 2 Gold/Yard
Silk with mordant, short dye: 4 Gold/Yard
Silk with mordant, long dye: 8 Gold/Yard

But what's mordant, you say? What's Woad? Well, here's a quick guide:
Woad: Woad is a favored plant of dyers, a deep blue-violet flower that creates dyes with staying power all on their own. This makes color accessible to even lower classes.
Mordant: Mordant is an additive that increases the staying power of dyes, preventing the color from fading.
Long VS Short Dye: The longer a fabric is dyed, the bolder the color will be. However, this also makes it more likely the fabric will begin to rot, and so the process is very precise and tedious to prevent this outcome.