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on: May 03, 2015, 10:00:35 PM
F3/use is your friend. It changes table and bar tops, opens cell doors, closet doors and trap doors, stokes furnaces, lights & unlights fireplaces (not always, but some), lets you climb through sewer grates, and sometimes moves furniture around to reveal secret passages >.>  Usually you have to be facing the item/floor/wall/whatever for it to work, but sometimes you have to be on it (sewer grates, ladders, ropes).

! All unspoken commands start with an exclamation mark.

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RP Beacon
RP Finder & Staff:
RP Beacons are located around the dream in areas that are high traffic or otherwise easily accessible by teleports. When you activate one, a dreamwide emit goes out letting people know that RP is requested at that location, by the person who triggered the beacon.
F3/use - while facing a beacon/lantern to turn it on
bump - to turn a beacon back off, or it will shut itself off after an hour.

In the top left corner of the interface are buttons to retrieve the list of people in the dream, the current list of staff, the RP list and the RP availability toggle.
!rplist - displays all characters on the active list and all areas where beacons are currently active
!rpon - adds your name to the rplist
!rpoff - removes your name from the rplist. You will also be removed from the list if you leave the dream, log off, or go afk.

Eileadora Navigation:
Between the display window and the text box is a 'city map'. This offers quick teleportation around the city. There was a waterways map as well but it is being revised. Valshiem does not currently have a teleport map and it's navigation commands will be listed separately.

!ooc, !afk,  - Take you to the ooc room.
!ic  - Takes you to the ooc door in front of the tavern.
!moveooc - *Staff Only* If someone is afk/idle in a main area and in the way of RP, they may be bumped to the OOC room. Stand facing the character and type the command.

Most commands will dump you close to a corresponding RP beacon.
Exterior Locations:
!clocktower - the 'town square'
!conserve - conserveatory

Shops and Businesses: - Most will place you outside the entrance.
!infirmary, !healer
!merchants - merchants' district
!craftsmen - craftsmens' district
!jbc - Jitterbugge Cafe (Coffee House)
!sweets - Sugarsmith's (Sweets Shop)
!books - Thoth's Quill (Book Store)
!rune - The Charming Gaze (Runeworks)
!earthworks - Grinning Dragon (Earthen Smith)
!magic - The Magic Box (Enchanting)
!vials - Versatile Vials (Alchemy & Potions)
!botanica - (Herbalist/Apothecary)

Guild Halls:
!merchguild - Merchant Guild
!sairon - Mage guild
!fighter - Fighter/Mercenary Guild
!bards - Bards' & Performers' Guild
!sanctum - Adventurer Guild

Castle, Church & Nobles:
!castle, !throne
!council - Available to Council members only

!cathedral, !church
!yard - side area between castle and Sairon

!Umarket - Underground Markets
!Ufountain - Pool & Fountain at the back of the markets, near FG lower entry (entry for guild members only)
!Umain - Underground Main St.
!Uwater - water treatment facility
!undercity, !uc
!harbor - underwater area

!home - for those of you with homes
!lockhome, !unlockhome - toggle lock for personal residence (for those in the castle it's simply !lock or !unlock)

Local Species:
Commands for locals can be found here
!wildcard1-10  - 10 'wildcard' slots that can be changed to duplicate any digo (1-5 male, 6-10 female). Directions pop up when you change to one of the wildcards.
!size 1-180 - Increase or reduce the size of your avatar. 100 is standard.

!look - Gives an area description. This is also accessible by clicking the giant eye. (** Not all area descriptions are complete.)
!stats - gives you general dream stats (how many online today, since upload, etc)
!torch, [/b]!notorch[/b] - Toggle on and off your own personal lighting effect for dark areas.
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