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on: February 27, 2016, 12:34:44 PM
Hello! Welcome to Eileadora, a dream set within the Etla Isle Continuity.  There are currently two dreams within this continuity (Eileadora and Valshiem), though there have been several others in the past. The continuity has been around since 2001.  Being that there is such a lengthy history to pull from, there is a lot of information to digest if you're new. My intention here is to try to cover as much as I can, as simply as I can, so you can learn what you need to be able to enjoy yourself. This will run a bit like a FAQ and there may be links to other threads within these forums, serving as an easy reference guide. So let's get started.

Where am I? What is the setting?
 - As a quick continuity primer... Etla Isle is an island that mostly exists on it's own (save for a few tiny islands that surround it) within the rift. Not much is known about the rift or why the island exists within it, but travelers may happen upon the island by chance and can only return if they 'know the way'.
 - Most of the island is governed by Queen Elora, though her influence does not extend to the southernmost part of the island. Valshiem and surrounding towns are run by crime lords but they rely mostly on naval trade and leave the rest of the island alone. For now.
 - The continuity is set in a late medieval/early renaissance with high fantasy aspects. The island is rich with magic and those magically inclined will likely feel the pulse of magic through the ley lines (magic lore here). Since the rift can span time/space/dimension, some aspects of city life are far more technologically advanced than one might expect in a medieval setting. We do have a device within the castle that will null tech that is too far advanced (ICly made device, something like an EMP pulse. Advanced tech simply ceases to function in/around/near Eileadora). The vast majority of our tech uses magic charged crystals with some steam and clockwork devices.

For more info: Island & Locations, Weather & Seasons, Flora & Fauna, Crystal Tech, City Life

Do I have to apply?
 - The easy answer is no. You don't have to but it is in encouraged. Why? Because this is a continuity. We exist in a setting that can accommodate comings and goings of people from everywhere. It is difficult, however, to manage a large plot when some of the people involved have wandered off to RP in another dream for the next few days/weeks/months. The reason for membership, and for these forums, is to allow an easy means of communication between players. We have people from all different time zones and our admins and storymasters work hard to make it enjoyable for everyone. You will notice in the rules that a member may refuse a 'non-member' RP if they think it will interfere with the plot later on down the road. We love bringing in new people to add to the story but we have to be a bit protective of it every so often. Long story short, it's easy to join in on small plots and enjoy the RP here, but if you want to get deeper into the story, why not join us officially? ;)  Once a member, always a member. If you leave for an extended period of time, we'll archive your character sheets but they'll be there waiting when/if you return ^.^

This place is huge. Where do I go? How do I find RP/people?
 - Eileadora is on a world package, allowing for a map size of 450x450. I've tried to include a little something for everyone so it's packed to the brim and RPs could be happening just about anywhere. That said, I've tried to include as many RP finding capabilities as I can muster. Though Valshiem is much smaller, I've tried to carry these things over to there as well, simply for ease of finding RP.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

You'll find these scattered about the dream. If you walk up to one and USE/Ctrl-U/F3, it activates the beacon, sending out a dream-wide emit that you are looking for RP in that area. It also adds that area to the !rplist of available RP areas. This might seem daunting if you're new to the dream, but it is certainly one of the easiest methods of finding/starting an RP. The beacon stays active for 1 hour, or until someone bumps into it to turn it off, keeping the area in the list for that time period.

Interface buttons (and associated commands)
Along the left edge of the skin, up at the top, you will notice 'who', 'where', 'RPlist', and an 'on/off' with a little crystal. These are all to help you find others and find RP.
Who - Furcadia's `whois (F4)
Where - Displays all public regions of the dream with 2 or more people in it. (!where)
RPlist - Outputs the list of all players actively looking for RP or engaged in an RP that others can join. Also lists all active beacons in the dream. (!rplist)
on/off - Toggle's your RP availability on and off and adds your name to the above list. You are removed from the list when you toggle it back off, AFK, or leave the dream/log off. (!rpon / !rpoff)
**Note** If your toggle stops working, simply exit and reenter the dream. Not certain why it does this, but it's been known to happen from time to time.

How do I find/contact staff?
Also on the left strip of the interface is a staff button (or !staff), which will display all staff members currently in the dream. Staff is broken into categories:
Admins - Rah and admin staff. Should be contacted with any complaints. Admins have full access to dreams, forums, and discord servers.
Junior Admins - Junior staff is capable of almost as much as the admins. They can help you with just about anything though they focus mostly on aiding new players.
Lore Masters - Specialists on the continuity lore in one area or another (magic, history, species, etc). Loremasters also help to develop lore and ensure plots follow the lore already laid out.
Story Masters - DMs. Can be contacted if you need something emitted or need assistance in organizing a plot. They can help control NPCs and generally have a good understanding of the dreams rules, lore/history, and current ongoings.

Staff can be whispered in-game and/or you can also send them a Private Message on the forums or on Discord. Staff are also listed in the "Staff List" tab at the top of these forums.

Commands? Locals? Teleports?
(Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking to open these in a new window)
List of Commands
Info on Locals
City & Undergound Map
Island Map

How do I call for guards/shopkeepers/whomever?
Usually, triggering a nearby beacon will bring people to the location if they're online/in the dream. We do have a Who's Who page, listing many of the shop owners and important people. Maybe just shoot them a whisper? ^.^  Most building also have an entry emit with a link to that specific shop/business forum board. If they're not online, leave them a note there to arrange a time to meet up for RP.

What sort of technology works here?
For the most part, Eileadora is run strictly off of magic crystal tech. There are some exceptions of steam tech but they are few. We recognize anything invented before the year 1610, though there are some magically advanced versions. If your weapon/tech/etc would likely be outside of this time period, there is ICly a device located in the castle that casts a nulling effect around the city. Meaning, if your thing is too far advanced, it simply doesn't work here. We do this to keep too much 'future tech' out of the continuity. If you're unsure if your item would pass, just snag a staff member.

How do I find a job/obtain a business/get a house?
There is a form of job board here just to give you an idea of some possible work to do. If a shop or business is vacant there are a few ways to obtain it. For shops, ICly one might get in touch with the guildmaster of the Merchant's Guild. OOCly, simply get ahold of the Rah. For housing, you can snag almost any staff member to get added to a house, but live edits of your decor has to go through the Rah. More info can be found here

OPEN TO MORE QUESTIONS! Feel free to post here with any questions you think should be answered here or information you think it should include. Even if you know it exists elsewhere! I'll be compiling a list of links to all the need-to-know info in here, but I appreciate everyone's input! I know this place is big and there's a lot to figure out when you're new, so let's help each other out and make an awesome starter guide!
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