The Infirmary Wards

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Infirmary Wards

Efforts through Sairon, the Gendarmery, and the Eileadoran Technological Studies Department, prompted through continued attacks and threats against some of the often under-appreciated and considerably most important citizens, the Restorers of Strength and Menders of Injuries, of the City of Eileadora, saw to it that solution was made. Infirmary Wards have been officially created and documented.

The Masterminds behind the Wards made it so that they are designed to prevent the Infirmary from becoming a battleground potentially filled with already wounded combatants while also respecting the obvious magical sensitivity of the many citizens. Overseen by the Master of Laws, petitioned through the Council of Mages in Sairon, and brought to life by the Scientists and Tinkerers indebted to their service to solutions about the City, the Infirmary Wards are designed with a range of both Direct and Indirect effects. These are not as perfect or powerful as the ones set around the Tower of Sairon, though there is obvious similarities in how the magic was created.

It should be noted that Infirmary Wards can work in conjunction with The Mark of the HealerPosted here.

List of Wards

Direct Effect Wards

  • Activated by the Mark of the Healer
    • Characters must be “trained” on how to activate these Wards!
  • Defensive Crystal
    • Primary Effect – Physical Protection
    • Secondary Effect – Curse Negation
Any Healer that is wearing their Mark of the Healer and any Player Characters that are in/on the Infirmary Cots will be encased by an shield of cosmic energy that will keep them safe from both additional physical damage and potentially harmful curses, such as voids, diseases, or otherwise detrimental magical effects. The shield will look like the impacted player is entirely cased in crystal energy.
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  • Peaceful Spirits
    • Primary Effect - Emotional Manipulation
    • Secondary Effect – Calm the Body, Calm the Mind
Waves of energy wash over the Infirmary to effect all player characters, both with and without magical sensitivity. The Magic will present as if Water Spirits are swimming throughout the Infirmary, casting themselves through and into frenzied folk, aggressive patients, or even overworked Healers. It is not actual water, and will not leave characters physically soaked.
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  • Sound the Alarm!
    • Primary Effect – Alert the Gendarmery and (NPC) Guards
    • Secondary EffectNone
Specifically linked into the Gendarmery Crests, as well as with an undisclosed location within the Guard Barracks, if this magic is activated, expect that the Guards will come running to see what the issue is! You’ve sent up a signal flare! Help is on the way
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Indirect Effect Wards

  • Walls of Blessings and Promises
    • Latent Effect – Preventive Ward against Dark Magic
    • Tertiary Effect – Anti-Magical Tampering
The Infirmary is naturally considered a place of gentle healing and not places for dark magic. This ward does not prevent the use of Dark Magic inside the Infirmary, it just prevents permanent marks from being left on the walls, such as curses or cruxes. If anyone starts to touch the walls with magic, or try to steal/take/tamper with the wards, they may receive magical damage!
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  • Anti-Teleport Field
    • Latent Effect – Impeded Extra-Planar Travel
    • Tertiary Effect – Anti-Phase Shifting Walls
It is not unaware that people may wish to use dark talents to transfer in chaotic intents and harm, or how even the holiest of intentions need be checked at the door. This Ward prevents any and all methods of teleportation from in and out of the building. The door is almost always unlocked, though.
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  • Sacred Ground
    • Latent Effect – Conscious-Check
    • Tertiary EffectNone
If there were ever a place that a player would feel not inclined to raise their voice, to be proper and respectful, and to obey vows and oaths to masters or parents, it would be here. Players characters may still be violent, though it is often discouraged to fight in the Infirmary. Players can note their characters feeling invoked to “do the right thing”
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Activation of the Wards in the Infirmary requires two things:

  • The Mark of the Healer
    • To be given out by the Master healer
  • Recitation of Specific Incantations
    • Taught to the Master Healer to then be taught to the Healers

Official records regarding all of the explicit details on the Mark of the Healer and the inner workings of the Crystal Technology, Magical Construction, and the Words of Incantation has been documented and put into two locations: the secure, historical records of Sairon, only available to the Council of Mages and the Arch Magus, and a secured location in the Eileadoran Research and Technologies Department in the Castle.


Frequently Asked Questions
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OOC Notes

  • 13 April 2016 – Initial Wards Posted for Community Review and Adherence
    • No more of the "Does the Infirmary have Wards or not?"
  • Names Chosen for “Easy Understanding” as opposed to “D&D Standards”
  • After discussion with a member of the Administrative Staff – I was informed it was best to “just post them up” as they are and “run with it”.
  • As of current posting, approval received from the Player of the Master of Laws and the Player of the Master Healer, for the approval to post these wards.
  • Feedback received from current players of “Magical Beings”
  • Consider these Wards to be a Work in Progress as the community adjusts to the official wards and we roleplay it through the community.
  • Feedback is Welcome – Please do not post on this thread for discussions and debates. I request you make another thread in the OOC Forums if there are any gripes, complaints, or concerns regarding these wards

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Peaceful Spirits - Yay @Amena an anti Abi temper tantrum Ward!  No more smashing through the walls!

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[Render uses the door anyway....mostly for dropping off of patients.]

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