Large Event Etiquette

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on: April 23, 2016, 09:54:49 AM
Large events are normally managed by a StoryMaster or Admin. There will typically be some sort of emit announcing the event and any sights/sounds/etc that would be noticed from a distance. While these emits are sent dream-wide, and the areas of play are usually public and open to all, it is still up to the DM to manage the scene, set posting order, and decide who should or shouldn't be there. Large groups can be difficult to manage, so when arriving at a large scene, please respect the following rules:

1) Be Courteous - Ask if you may enter the scene. Or -when- you may enter the scene. You may not be familiar with the scene or the setup or the whole point of the plot so find out who's running the show and find out if you can be involved and when/how you can be involved. There might be guards blocking your path. The room might be locked. There might be a fire or some NPCs or wards or demon dogs..... just ask.

2) Be Understanding - It can be very difficult to manage a large group. The DM is absolutely within their right to limit the scene to a certain number of players, to certain people (due to prior involvement for example) or to certain jobs/classes/whatever. If you are asked to leave, it's nothing against you. It might seem unfair, but there will be plenty of other opportunities for RP. We try to run events fairly often and the easier they are to manage, the more fun will be had and the more often they will take place.

3) Be Sensible - Some scenes will need guards or NPCs or call for a particular magic spell. Try to be sensible to the number of guards/NPCs/scale of magic spell for the scene. A stabbing in a back alley isn't likely to have 6 guards show up. An attack on the castle should have Bloodsworn as first response, with guards as backup as needed. A 15 prep spell in the middle of a crowded infirmary.... might be overkill. Don't just do things for the lulz, or because your character has a 'reason' to be there, or whatever. Do what makes sense for the scene.. and if you're uncertain, ask the DM.

A note for DMs: When emiting for your event, please include a bit of OOC information for players who may be interested in joining.
 1) Who is DMing - so they know who to talk to for the above rules
 2) How many people can join - if there is a limit, if it is open to all, if it is nobles only, guards requested, no guards, etc.
 3) Any other pertinent arrival info - The room is on fire, the doors are warded, there's a giant man-eating demon-snake ready to swallow anyone who enters...
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