The Shop Entrance

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on: February 07, 2019, 07:39:50 PM
Down the alley of the craftsman’s district, a shop fills what was once a vacancy. A small sign hands above the doorway with the words “Mystic Visions” carved deeply. A faint scent of incense drifts from the cracks of the door along with a welcoming heat. The windows flickered faint, dim light despite the “open” carved sign hanging on the door with a bit of weaved string – an open door would be greeted with the ring of a bell.

Inside is warm, the smelt of tea on the stove and incense is calming to the senses. A pot of lavender sits on a shelf by a small seating arrangement. The room is only lit by candles in holders giving it a dim ambiance; the holders cast shapes of light and add dim colors. The shelves are lined with small trinkets, dusty books, boxes and vials but nothing that appears openly for sale. On the table by the cushions are a deck of teller cards, a candle and a few crystals.

Typically, in the large chair on the other side of the table, cornered in the window dimmed fabrics, the shop owner, Felanna, would be found perhaps knowing of your arrival long before you stepped through the door.

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