Memories, death and fraud,

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on: February 03, 2019, 01:51:14 PM

Den Fa’a end is surrounded in mystery.

There is this femme, supposedly, a Djinn that spawned out from the workshop of Den Fa one day.

Alchemy of a higher degree mixing magic and materials was one of the ways that Den Fa sought to discipher a prised treasure map.

This map lead to a supposed treasure: Another Mask.

The juxtaposition of Den’s mask and the other mask caused more discord and chaos.

Banished from Eileadora, Den Fa fled to Valshiem where his new-self continued his crazed manoeuvres.

This was only faulted by the Djinn, manipulated by a higher entity, The Lich.

The  masks were ripped off and the curse that he carried was no more. 

However all the strings that held his corpse together were undone. 

And so little time was left of this magical entity, he started to rot away inside the ClockTower that he made his own.

Once his corpse depleted of energy, all was left was but mold and a decomposed corpse.

Den sought salvation, and only found death.

There is a rumour that the tree that grows around the clock tower’s timepiece contains Den’s soul.

May he rest in peace, wherever he is.

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