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on: February 07, 2019, 09:40:21 PM
Mystic Vision
Mystic Vision is a luxury service.
There are many services one can pay for… so long as they are aware they pay for reality and truth not the answer they desire.

Services on travel = Extra 1 gold per 10 miles
Despite preference of working out of the Mystic Visions, all services can be mobile. Traveling is dangerous for a blind seer and so it costs extra. The further from the shop, further from Etla, the higher the price.

Assistance = 1 gold
Some just need good company with a good listener. Enjoy a cup of tea and speak about your troubles and desire. All conversations are confidential including the most heinous. Sleeping issues? The seer might know your troubles and give solutions among many other ailments of the mind and social.

Basic reading = 5 gold
For basic looks into the simplest of questions: Does he love me? Will I be wealthy? What did my dream mean? Enjoy a cup of tea while speaking with the seer about life problems to find solutions and a basic spread of your life path or focused topic.

Advanced reading = 10 gold
Forgotten memories, hidden pasts, the cursed, corrupted minds and object/person location seeking. Those of many souls might need to bump up in package due to the daunting task of focusing on identities. Requires being touched and an open mind.

Master Seer = 20 gold
For what cannot be solved at a cheaper price requires a higher use of talent. Due to the nature of this service, details will be provided in a one on one setting. If you seek a seer for a Mission this is likely your service.

Not all services may result in desired expectations. Not all services include a psychic reading, visions or instant results. Some souls and minds are locked tight and will require continued efforts. In such cases, costs may be reduced for returns.

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