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on: January 17, 2019, 08:25:03 AM
Have you previously submitted an application/character sheet which has been approved? No
Tell us a bit about your RP experience to date: 20 years, Furcadia original
Why are you interested in joining the dream? Popularity

Basics / Biography Data
Furcadia Name: Setau
Character Name (if different):
Alias(es): Setie
Species: Human
Subspecies/Race: Werewolf
Age: 35
Apparent Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215
Build: Athletic
Fur/Skin Color: Black
Hair Color/Style: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Markings/Scars: Umbra patters on chest/neck
Appendages: None
Handedness: Right
Primary Class: Warrior
Secondary Class (optional): Magic-Arcane/Mage
Profession: Seeker
Appearance (Furcadia Description):

Demeanor: Calm, collected - stubburn
Likes: Different foods, conversation, studying, talking about studying, practicing things recently studied.
Dislikes: Vampires, Bloodsuckers, Vampyers...mother of vampires...vampire-eyes, lips, toes, mouth, smell....face!
Phobias (if any):
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)
Description: A strange and very rare alignment. Chaotic neutral characters are very unpredictable individualists, being governed by whatever they feel like doing at the moment. Example: Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes).
Cribnote: I do what I feel like at the time.

Strength (STR): Medium
Dexterity (DEX): Medium-High
Constitution (CON): Medium-High
Intelligence (INT): High
Wisdom (WIS): Medium-High
Charisma (CHA): Low
Overall Evaluation: (76) Very Strong

(Strengths / Resistances) / Weaknesses
Strengths / Resistances
  • Strength / Resistance: Smart as hell
    Description: What can't be defeated with raw strength is often destroyed by intellect.
  • Weakness: Haunted
    Description: The Silent Striders bear a twofold curse; they can no longer rest within the boundaries of their ancestral homeland, and they are haunted by the spirits of the dead. When a Strider botches an attempt to step sideways, she sends ripples through the Dark Umbra, alerting any nearby wraiths or walking dead to her presence. It’s almost certain that something will show up to either demand the Strider’s aid or try to destroy her, in areas like old battlegrounds, cemeteries or similar places of the dead, the Strider may attract far too much attention for her own good.

  • Armor: None
Trinkets / Items (owned or worn):
  • Item: Bag of orbs
    Description: Empty/meaningless. two bags of three hang upon either hip
  • Item: Backpack
    Description: Whats in it? Probably nothing

Natural Abilities
  • Ability: Transformation
    Description: He is a werewolf, but also has the ability to transform himself into a simple wolf, this size cause be changed.
  • Ability: Umbra Connection
    Description: Natural ability to connect to and use the Umbra and use Gifts
Learned Abilities:
  • Ability: Swordsmanship
  • Ability: Medical Procedures
  • Ability: Reading/Writing of multiple Langos
  • Ability: Cooking
  • Ability: Polearms
  • Ability: Hand to Hand combat
  • Ability: Tracking/Hunting
  • Ability: Analyze and Interpretion
  • Ability: Combat Staff

RPR Profile (or other website) URL (optional):
Other pertinent info:


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Reply #1 on: January 27, 2019, 10:33:57 AM
Good morning Setau,

This character sheet has been moved back to applications from character sheets because it has not undergone character approval process yet. Please give us some time to consider your character sheet. Once it is approved, we will move it to the character sheets section.


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Reply #2 on: February 05, 2019, 01:18:08 PM
I noticed a lack of the usual werewolf weaknesses. Being intimately familiar with all World of Darkness systems, I'm well aware that garou do, in fact, have all of the usual weaknesses in addition to a few that are not commonly seen in other venues. Of course, this isn't WoD, so I'm not going to balance it against that. At any rate, I'm guessing you didn't mention those simply because they're kind of assumed by the system. I would ask that you do elaborate on the character's other weaknesses at least a bit for the sake of the rest of the mod team. We would also appreciate it if you could include information on what "gifts" the character possesses as well as what each one does, as it is likely I am the only person currently on staff with sufficient knowledge to make an appropriate ruling otherwise.
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